YouLianCloud Officially Accesses Baidu ERNIE Bot, Driving the Development of Financial AIGC

SHANGHAI, Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On February 14, 2023, YouLianCloud announced to be the first batch of early experience officers of ERNIE Bot. Subsequently, YouLianCloud will fully experience ERNIE Bot ‘s ability to use AI to drive intelligent financial content production and jointly promote smarter, better quality financial intelligence products and services.

Next, YouLianCloud will apply the results of Baidu’s leading intelligent dialogue technology in the field of financial AIGC. This move marks the priority of YouLianCloud to gain the support of leading AI technology, and also marks the first landing of conversational language modeling technology in domestic financial intelligence scenarios.

ERNIE Bot is a generative conversational product launched by Baidu based on Wenxin’s large model technology.

As the leading intelligent financial information engine in China, YouLianCloud takes ecological connection as the core, deeply cultivates the financial industry and AIGC, uses natural language processing, big data and knowledge graph technology, relies on intelligent creation, intelligent connection, intelligent opinion integration financial SaaS, and provides enterprises with intelligent applications for multiple scenarios such as sales, marketing, investment research, and risk control.

In 2020, with ecological connection as the core, YouLianCloud launched the intelligent financial information connection engine “YouLian Connection” to automate and intelligently connect the online communication mode in real time, safely and accurately, helping enterprises to realize cost reduction and efficiency increase. In 2021, YouLianCloud deeply researched the field of financial AI and cultivated rich insight into the needs of the financial sector. By combining natural language processing, Knowledge Graph and generative AI technology, YouLianCloud launched the intelligent financial information creation platform “YouLian AIGC”, which generates content in the form of intelligent financial information and intelligent financial videos to help enterprises develop intelligently.

At present, “ERNIE Bot” is making a sprint before going online. YouLianCloud has priority to internal testing with ERNIE Bot, and integrates ERNIE Bot’s technical capabilities. It will deepen cooperation with Baidu in various fields such as product development and standard formulation. With the assistance of Baidu’s technical team, YouLianCloud will continue to build diversified solutions for more financial scenarios. Through technology sharing, training empowerment, and joint marketing, YouLianCloud will strengthen its competitiveness, create more financial AI application solutions and services for users, and ultimately unlock new industrial opportunities and lead industrial transformation and upgrading.