YOFC participates in the World Optical Fibre & Cable Conference 2022

Leverage “BRIGHTS” to Capture New Growth Opportunities of Digital Economy

WUHAN, China, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC), a world-leading optical communications company as a partner and major sponsor for the World Optical fibre & Cable Conference for many years, participated in the 2022 edition of the global event held in Milan on 7-9 November 2022. At the invitation of the organizer, YOFC executive director and president Zhuang Dan attended the roundtable forum held during the event on November 8, at which he discussed the current status of the fibre and cable industry with other executives from several cabling giants, including Europe’s Prysmian Group and US-based Corning Incorporated. Additionally, YOFC senior vice president Jan Bongaerts gave a keynote speech entitled ‘Leverage “BRIGHTS” to Capture New Growth Opportunities of Digital Economy’.

Given the digital transformation taking place across all sectors everywhere, and further accelerated by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the digital economy is becoming part of what makes the world run much faster than anticipated. Remote working, online teaching and medical diagonosis are becoming the new norm. As a result, high-speed, reliable broadband access has become one of the necessities of everyday life. Moving from people being connected to things being connected, from massive data to artificial intelligence, and from consumption to intelligent manufacturing, digitalization is emerging as a core driving force of economic development and social transformation in major countries worldwide, prompting governments to enhance capabilities in digital growth by continuously strengthening the information infrastructure.

China has witnessed the increased adoption of gigabit broadband, accelerated penetration of 5G, and launched the Eastern Data and Western Computing project that aims to boost data centers in the country’s economically poorer but energy-rich western regions this year. At the same time, many countries have also sped up the construction of 5G and FTTx infrastructure with significantly increased investments, resulting in increasing demand for optical fibres and cables. According to CRU, a British leading provider of analysis and consulting in the commodity markets, global demand for optical fibres and cables is expected to maintain an upward trend from 2022 to 2027. Mr. Zhuang also pointed out that China, which now accounts for over 50% of that global demand, is anticipated to see steady growth in the segment over the next few years.

Driven by global digital transformation, the optical fibre and cable sector is entering a new stage of growth. With huge potential, YOFC’s G.654.E fibre, the preferred choice for ultra-high-speed transmission technology, has been successfully applied in several trunk cable lines of China’s three major carriers and in State Grid Corporation of China’s ultra-high voltage transmission project, with the total core length deployed exceeding 1 million fkm. China’s aggregate demand for next-generation G.654.E fibre is expected to reach 10 million fkm(core length) by 2025. Large-scale global applications are foreseen as some carriers worldwide have started to consider deploying the fibre in trunk lines.

To leverage the unprecedented opportunities brought about by digital transformation across the whole sector, YOFC launched the all-optical “BRIGHTS” series of high-performance optical fibre and cable products and solutions featuring big bandwidth, reliability, intelligence, green, high quality, time saving and security.

Big Bandwidth

In light of the growing complexity of the network, the massive surge in the amount of data that needs to get transmitted, and increased pressure on bandwidth as we transition further into the digital economy, YOFC has rolled out a number of cutting-edge optical fibres, including the new-generation trunk line optical fibre G.654.E, a high bandwidth multi-mode fibre, as well as multi-core and hollow-core fibres, strengthening the backbone of the optical network.


With a complete optical fibre and cable portfolio that can be used in access and backbone networks and meets the optical transmission needs of various application scenarios from land to ocean, YOFC has addressed the growing market segments while ensuring the stable operation of all-optical networks.


YOFC has also developed a number of intelligent solutions that can enhance the overall quality of all-optical connections by enabling quick fault detection and location, real-time monitoring of optical path performance, and quality prediction. The solutions include automated optical cable monitoring system, distributed  temperature sensing system, etc.


YOFC’s G.654.E fibre can reduce energy consumption by 20% at optical relay stations and 50% at electrical relay stations in long-haul trunk transmission. By integrating ultra-high density optical distribution frames, pre-terminated optical cables and optical modules, the Company’s data center solution improves the density of cabling space and reduces obstruction to hot and cold channels while enabling scalable bandwidth, helping reduce energy consumption.

High Quality

Based on its philosophy of seeking perfection, YOFC has been committed to developing various time-tested optical fibre and cable products by using premium raw materials and optimizing the manufacturing process. With customers from over 90 countries and regions worldwide, the Company has been widely recognized in the industry for its high quality solutions.

Time Saving

To enhance performance when deploying all-optical networks, YOFC, based on the application and laying environments, has designed and developed several new optical fibre and cable solutions that flexibly and efficiently meet the needs of all-optical networks in various scenarios, including all-dry, micro-cluster, air-blown and ultra-high-fibre-count (UHFC) cables.


In an environment characterized by high-speed data transmissions and open sharing of resources, YOFC has continued exploring the potential of optical communication technologies while providing multi-level security for the seamless operation of large facilities, including power grids, oil and gas pipelines, and electrical equipment through optical fibre sensing products with wide coverage, high sensitivity and high accuracy.

At the conference, Mr. Zhuang also joined executives from Prysmian Group and Corning in an in-depth discussion on the current status and trends, as well as opportunities and challenges of the global optical fibre and cable sector. Mr. Zhuang said that despite the sector’s positive fundamentals, there are still uncertainties and challenges, including political tensions in some regions, restricted supply of raw materials, insufficient transport capacity and high freight costs. As a result, industry players need to strengthen cooperation to ensure the sustainable development of the industry.

YOFC has been committed to extending optical fibre connectivity to every corner of the world and building a solid foundation for the development of the digital economy. With this mission in mind, the Company, based on independent innovation, plans to continue iterating and developing new products and solutions that drive the growth of the sector, while further improving its international marketing network as it works with its partners to jointly leverage the opportunities presented by the ever evolving digital world.