strengthens its platform capabilities with Dynamic Conversation Designer to deliver faster time-to-market’s Dynamic Conversation Designer creates human-like conversation flows with effective designs, reducing development time by 50% and delivering increased productivity

SAN MATEO, Calif., Feb. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —, a leading enterprise-grade Conversational AI platform, today announced the launch of its Dynamic Conversation Designer, revolutionizing the design process of chat and voice conversational workflows with Generative AI. With its user-friendly, no-code interface, enterprises can now create accurate designs in mere minutes, reducing time-to-market by 50%. The seamless integration between design and development workflows streamlines the creation of human-like conversational experiences, saving both time and costs on hiring and training new design talent.

Intuitive conversation design is fundamental to the success of conversational interfaces, but it is often a complex and time-consuming process. There is also a lack of standardization and best practices for designing natural and effective conversational experiences. Consequently, a multitude of conversational interfaces fail to deliver on user expectations, leading to substandard experiences and business results.’s Dynamic Conversation Designer addresses these challenges and redefines the way businesses create high-quality conversational experiences. Integrated within the company’s platform, it simplifies the design process with unique features like rich message content integration, voice effects control, sharing of designs, and instant previews of final conversations without switching workflows, making real-time collaboration a reality. As a result, it frees up time for developers and conversation designers to focus on more complex tasks, leading to improved productivity and consistency.

Commenting on the launch, Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and Co-founder,, said, “Conversational flows that lack design thinking can frustrate customers, diminish expected ROI, and potentially damage the brand. Delivering increased productivity, our Dynamic Conversation Designer is directly in line with our vision of empowering businesses to deliver the most impactful interactions at scale and speed. Leveraging it, we were recently able to deliver a full-fledged chatbot implementation in two hours, a significant improvement from the previous requirement of at least two days for design and development in silos.”

With Dynamic Conversation Designer, enterprises can create engaging and personalized conversations with dynamic designs, enabling them to deliver enhanced customer experiences, drive more conversions, and boost sales. It fulfills the need for enterprises to deploy an end-to-end conversational automation platform wherein they don’t need to invest in siloed tools or extensive programs to train new resources.

Sheikh Abdullah Ali, Executive Director, Solutions ME, said, “The power of conversational design lies in its ability to create human-centered interactions that feel seamless, natural and intuitive in the digital world. Good conversation design should be engaging and prioritize the needs of the user. With accessible and scalable solutions like‘s Dynamic Conversation Designer, we believe that we can foster a deeper connection with customers and drive better business outcomes.”

“Also, by integrating generative AI with’s proprietary insights engine and conversation designer, we aim to produce improved business results, including increased deflection rates, improved conversion rates, a highly personalized customer experience, and faster resolution times,” Ravinutala further added.’s Dynamic Conversation Designer will soon be capable of providing suggestions to designers by sharing the next probable flow and alerting for detected errors, enabled by generative AI and a tighter integration with the Marketplace that has pre-built industry templates, campaigns, and system integrations. To see how is shaping its product roadmap to help enterprises realize their true potential, register for Envision the Future of Generative AI for Enterprises, on February 28, 2023.

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