yeedi records the NO. 1 sales of the robot vacuum industry in Germany’s mass market

BERLIN, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — yeedi, a robot vacuum brand dedicated to helping customers solve problems in their daily lives, has ranked No.1 sales and 13.4% market share in the price range of €200-€400 on Amazon DE, which is an accessible price range for mass consumers. Beyond that, the most popular choice in the price range is also taken by yeedi vac max. As a versatile robot vacuum and mop, yeedi vac max is ready for both wet and dry messes. Mentioned by tons of consumers in reviews, yeedi’s advanced carpet detection sensor is also a practical feature that smartly identifies your floor type to plan the cleaning method accordingly.

As a young blood in this industry, yeedi was founded in 2019 and keeps growing rapidly for only three years, yet has expanded business worldwide into over 20 countries. In past three years, yeedi truly put efforts in R&D. According to the earnings report, the whole R&D team has taken 74% of the total headcount of yeedi. With such staff configuration, yeedi has successfully launched several brilliant models, such as K650, specially designed for pet families; mop station, the very first robot vacuum with the self-clean feature in Europe, and vac station, won the Reddot award.

Notably, yeedi keeps completing its customer services at the same time. In 2022, yeedi has landed two groundbreaking post-sales programs : ‘Swap repair program’, which consumers can choose to swap for a replacement unit instead of repairing for once within the warranty period; and the ‘ Trade-in program’, which long-time consumers can offset the purchase price of our new robot with owned yeedi robots. These two programs can cover most problems after consumers’ purchase, and offers an opportunity for them to try next generations at the same time.

Following the vision ‘Bring good, affordable vacuum robots to every family.’ yeedi rolled out their significant model yeedi vac 2 pro in 2022, the first product in€200-€400 price range which combines the 3D obstacle avoidance technology and superior cleaning ability in one with an accessible price for mass consumers. This model features the ‘Oscillating Mopping System’ that imitates manual mopping movements to tackle various stubborn stains easily for a better cleaning result. Above that, the 3D obstacle avoidance it equipped also refreshes the navigation technology in this price range. Regarding the case that many competitors are still using old infrared mapping system which hasn’t been updated in over 10 years.

In the long run, a vacuum robot ought to be as popular as a television, a washer, a refrigerator. With the consistent development of this industry and technology, all functions and innovations are meant to serve the majority, not the minority. As a core player in the German vacuum robot market, yeedi will offer better products and services to meet consumers’ needs.

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