Yealink Launches MeetingBar A10 to Cater for All the Huddle Space Meeting Needs

XIAMEN, China, Nov. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Yealink (Stock Code: 300628), a global leading unified communications (UC) solution provider, has officially announced the release of its new MeetingBar A10, specially designed for meetings in huddle spaces.  

Organizers of meetings in huddle spaces used to shy away from integrated video bar solutions because of budgetary constraints. Therefore, organizers of such meetings would often rely on USB peripherals for video conferencing, thus ignoring rapidly developing technology and solutions in the video conferencing arena. However, huddle rooms are the future of the workplace. According to recent research by analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, it is estimated that by 2025, over 75% of video meetings will take place in huddle rooms. The Yealink MeetingBar A10 will be both affordable and ultra-convenient to use and set up.

Though compact, MeetingBar A10 packs powerful AI-enhanced video and audio features. It is fully certified by and compatible with leading video platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and also adds flexibility as a standalone USB peripheral.

Catering to all the huddle space and home office needs

The Yealink MeetingBar A10 caters to all the huddle space meeting needs. It is compact enough to fit in anywhere. Customers can set up within minutes and kick off their huddle space meeting in seconds.

Furthermore, compared with USB peripheral solutions, MeetingBar A10 offers more: powerful video and audio, native meeting control and remote device management.

Leading video platforms supported

The Yealink MeetingBar A10 is fully certified by and fully compatible with leading video platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

It also adds flexibility as a standalone USB peripheral. No matter what platform a company starts with, later when migrating to a native experience like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, the transition can be completed seamlessly.

Mini size, hard core

Though compact, the bar packs powerful AI-enhanced video and audio features. The AI-powered camera features real-time and precise Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking. Yealink’s deep learning intelligent audio analysis technology erases background noises. Thanks to this powerful video and audio technology, everyone gets an equal seat in the meeting.

When working as a peripheral device, A10 supports wireless connection with WPP30 presentation pod. Simply plug the WPP30 pod into the laptop’s USB-C port, rich video and audio from A10 are shared immediately without the need for installing software or drivers.

Keep tabs on everything remotely

The Yealink MeetingBar A10 can be monitored, controlled and upgraded remotely with a free YMCS (Yealink Management Cloud Service) account. Whether its firmware updates, configuration updates, or troubleshooting, can all be done remotely.

Yealink’s comprehensive Android-based solutions for video meetings

With the introduction of the MeetingBar A10, expected to be available in December, Yealink adds to its impressive portfolio of Android-based video meeting solutions.

DeskVision A24 for phone room and hot-desking collaboration MeetingBar A10 for huddle spaces and home office MeetingBar A20 for small rooms MeetingBar A30 for medium-to-large rooms MeetingBoard for all sizes of rooms, from manager’s office to large rooms

Yealink’s portfolio of Android-based solutions has every option customers need for their video meeting needs, no matter where they are.

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Explore more about MeetingBar A10 and Yealink Android solution at Zoomtopia onsite at the San Jose Convention Center between November 8-9 or online here

Yealink’s full-scenario portfolio of Android-based solutions has every option you need for your video meeting needs, from home office to large rooms, no matter where you are.

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