Yadea’s Industrial Design Excellence Recognized by IDEA

SEATTLE, Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Yadea Group, a leading player in the electric scooter industry, has scooped three International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), demonstrating the company’s strengths in the field of industrial design.

Yadea is increasingly receiving acknowledgements and validation for its innovative electric two-wheeler designs. This time, the company received three nominations for its products. The DV6 e-scooter and Y80 ebike picked up Bronze Awards, while the KS2 electric kick-scooter was named a Finalist. The awards provide commendations to products based on their user-friendly designs, as well as their overall aesthetic and appearance, while also focusing on the product and functional performance.

“At Yadea, we are honored to have been nominated and to have received these awards, and we would like to extend our thanks to IDEA for this symbol of recognition,” said Aska Zeng, CEO of Yadea Europe. “We are also deeply indebted and grateful to Yadea’s outstanding R&D and design team for their continuous innovations when developing these excellent designs with users in mind.”

Now in its 42nd year, the iconic IDEA is one of the longest-running design awards globally and receives thousands of entries worldwide on an annual basis. The IDEA jury reviews entries against multiple criteria spanning design innovation, benefits to the user, client, brand and society, as well as appropriate aesthetics.

“At Yadea, we have always prided ourselves on our product design,” added Steve Mo, Design Director of Yadea. “During the product development process, as well as prioritizing function and performance of the product itself, we also strive to provide our users with the most comfortable experience, and this works its way into our design process.”

Renowned in the industry for its sleek yet convenient foldable design, the Yadea Y80 took a Bronze IDEA award home. Featuring a minimalist one-piece cast-body, this elegant two-wheeler looks like a typical bicycle at first glance. It actually comes equipped with a 350W 100Nm high-power motor, providing a range that makes it ideal for commuters.

Yadea’s other Bronze IDEA award winner was the DV6 electric bicycle. Despite its simple, diminutive, and elegant design, the V-shaped DV6 packs in a variety of innovative features. The product’s small stature, intentionally worked into its design, makes it perfect for those who do not wish to deal with a heavy electric scooter. 

The company’s other product to receive plaudits at the IDEA Awards was the KS2, Yadea’s new-generation electric scooter. With the KS2, the company incorporated a compact and ergonomic design. The subsequent improvements in portability and manoeuvrability compared with other models make the KS2 ideal for use as a last-mile mobility solution in urban areas. Yadea is currently putting the final touches on a roll-out for the KS2 across the North American market. Customers in the US will be able to purchase the product on Amazon from Sep 12th.

The company has always laid a strong emphasis on the design of products, with its portfolio of products boasting a strong design aesthetic and a high level of artistic flair. The IDEA awards are not the first instance of industry recognition for Yadea. The company also won the IDEA award in 2019, as well as a Red Dot Design Award in 2020. Yadea also collaborates with world-leading design studios such as Giovannoni Design, AMV Design, and KISKA.

While adhering design excellence, Yadea has continued to devote itself to a mission of providing people with eco-friendly mobility solutions. The company remains steadfast in this commitment and industry recognition of its products spurs Yadea on to create even more outstanding innovative two-wheelers in the future.