Yadea to Electrify the Show with the Unveiling of Two New Models at EICMA 2022

MILAN, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Yadea, the world’s leading electric two-wheeler brand, is again out in full force at Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA), the world’s premier event for the motorcycle industry, taking place this year in Milan from November 8 to 13. The company is showcasing an extended range of innovative products at the event that can help bring consumers a low-carbon lifestyle. In particular, the launch of two brand-new two-wheeler vehicles is catching the attention of many attendees in need of short-distance, green mobility solutions.

Yadea to Electrify the Show with the Unveiling of Two New Models at EICMA 2022

“It is an absolute honor for Yadea to launch our two new models in Milan while showcasing our extensive range of outstanding products,” said Zhou Chao, Senior Vice President at Yadea. “Innovation is the true driver behind Yadea’s resilience in this market. Our investments in R&D consistently bear fruit, as exemplified by our technical prowess in batteries, power, range, and safety, which benefit our users. We’d like to invite all the attendees to try out our products at the show.”

Top of the bill for Yadea this year is the debut of the YADEA Keeness VFD, the perfect entry-level electric motorcycle for consumers new to the sector. Packed with a dual 72V32Ah lithium battery, the Keeness VFD packs a real punch.

Riders can easily keep up with how much power they have left by using the Yadea mobile app. The Keeness VFD has been designed with speed in mind at every step, with the basic inspiration for its contoured aesthetic coming from the silhouette of an aircraft. The model comes equipped with Yadea’s robust VFD-10KW mid-mounted motor, topping out at 100km/h[1].

 Another star of the show is the brand-new high-performance scooter, the Yadea VoltGuard VFV. At the heart of the VoltGuard VFV is an ATL lithium battery pack (72V27Ah*2) capable of outputting higher power at the same weight compared to normal power cells, dispelling any worries over range anxiety.

The two new electric motorcycle models that are beyond users’ expectations not only highlight the brand’s mission to help people “Electrify Your Life”, but also reshape global users’ perceptions of two-wheeled electric vehicles.

Yadea is also showcasing its extensive range of products covering electric motorcycles, bicycles, kick scooters, as well as its advanced technology at Hall 11. M06.

Since Yadea’s first appearance at EICMA in 2009, Yadea has been accelerating its globalization strategy and seeking to bring sustainable travel solutions to more people worldwide. After many years of efforts behind the scenes, Yadea is gaining a key foothold in overseas markets, with its international brand voice expanding dramatically. The company is now a regular attendee at EICMA and other headline international platforms as it looks to lead at the forefront of the low-carbon trend, promoting global green mobility.

About Yadea

Yadea is a global leader in developing and manufacturing electric two-wheel vehicles including electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric bicycles and electric kick scooters. To date, Yadea has sold products to 60 million users in over 100 countries and regions and has a network of 40,000+ retailers worldwide. With a mission to help people “Electrify Your Life”, Yadea continues to invest in R&D, production and global expansion to build a shared and sustainable future for mankind.

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[1] tested in a laboratory environment.

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