Yaber Enters New Sales Channel to Accelerate Mass US Entertainment Projector Adoption

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — YABER today unveiled their entrance onto Best Buy’s online store, opening a new sales channel for consumers in the United States to purchase YABER’s game-changing entertainment projectors. More consumers in the US can now bring cinema-quality images and entertainment straight to their homes — and outside them, too.

From establishing branches in the US and EU to developing connections with retailers worldwide, YABER is fast becoming a brand known across the globe. As part of its wide-ranging growth plans, YABER’s entrance onto Best Buy’s online store by selling its innovative entertainment projectors is a significant step in successfully expanding its global sales channels and product offerings.

“By showcasing our pioneering technology using Best Buy’s online store, we can harness its massive reach and influence to further our connection with North American audiences,” said Vicent Wang, CEO of YABER. “Our mission is to show the world that our home entertainment projectors bring the beauty of the big screen straight into people’s homes as well as outside them. From indoor movie nights and video gaming sessions to backyard get-togethers and outdoor film screenings, YABER’s projectors can be used almost anywhere, at any time. Wherever customers are, YABER is here to bring them endless big-screen entertainment. Having our products available via Best Buy is a major step toward facilitating this goal.”

After launching its first 1080P projector in 2019, YABER has rapidly established itself as the go-to Entertainment Projector Company, selling over one million home projector units within only three years. 

YABER’s highly innovative entertainment projectors allow US consumers to join the fast-growing global phenomenon through various projectors that cover all budgets and lifestyles. YABER’s customer-focused approach is already strongly resonating with US consumers, an audience who value the ability to choose a product that directly suits their needs.

Before their further expansion into the North American market, YABER had already made waves in the entertainment projector industry due to its ambitious, innovative, and market-leading products. Its international Research and Development team is continuously assessing its consumers’ needs and developing its own technology to address them. For example, YABER’s Buffalo Pro U10 employs its international Research and Development team’s cutting-edge technological advances to tackle common freezing problems found in other projectors. It is also the first LCD projector to include anti-oxidation bimetallic brackets, which provide improved ventilation and height – key benefits which set it apart from the competition.

YABER’s Vicent Wang added, “2022 is the year that YABER is truly going global. Our journey as a company has been incredible so far, but we can see we’re about to jump into an even brighter future.”

YABER Products Now Available on Best Buy’s Online Store:

Yaber’s Buffalo Pro U10 Native 1080P Entertainment LCD Projector with Bidirectional Bluetooth in Gray — this small but powerful portable projector’s design is inspired by science-fiction and space movies and can be used indoors or outdoors. Yaber’s Buffalo Pro U9 Native 1080P Entertainment LCD Projector with Projector Screen in Black — say goodbye to frozen screens with this touch-screen projector’s advanced 5G WiFi that is three times faster than other projectors on the market. Yaber’s Buffalo U2 Native 720P Entertainment LCD Projector with Projector Screen in White — bringing affordability to portable projectors, this lightweight mini projector offers fantastic image clarity indoors and outdoors.


YABER is a world-famous entertainment projector brand founded by Vicent in 2018, dedicated to providing innovative entertainment projectors and creating perfect and immersive audio-visual experiences for everyone.

Currently, YABER entertainment projectors are available in over 46 countries worldwide. Every year, nearly 1 million individuals and families enjoy the happiness YABER entertainment projectors creates.

Being a pioneer in the entertainment projector industry, YABER continuously produces innovative and excellent entertainment projectors, creates and leads a better lifestyle, and brings the chance to get closer to people.

YABER entertainment projectors are widely used in different scenarios, i.e., home movie night, backyard parties, outdoor activities, and video gaming, etc. 

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