XYZprinting Showcases Innovative 3D Printers with Open Platform Fast Cycle Sintering at IMTS 2022

NEW TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan, Sept. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Illinois-3D printing leader XYZprinting will showcase their SLS printing machines with Open Platform Fast Cycle Sintering at IMTS 2022 in Chicago (12-17 September), including the MfgPro236 xS’, the ideal choice for on-demand manufacturers, research institutions, and third-party material suppliers. Thanks to its high printing speed of up to 22 mm per hour and shorter cooling and breakout times, the MfgPro236 xS can deliver high-quality parts fast.

XYZprinting_MfgPro236 xS

XYZprinting SLS machines offer something others do not: the ability to use end-of-life powder from peer machines for high-quality parts. On top of the operational sustainability, the smaller build volume of the 236 allows for a 22-hour complete build cycle that only requires a 2-hour cooling cycle with zero negative effect on part accuracy or surface quality.

“The adoption of the smaller platform for high daily throughput is a game changer. Our customers have options for an expedited two business day turn-around in their 3D Printing Service, these machines allow them to print more of the expedited jobs, and the print quality is as good as any printer in the market.”  Says XYZprinting Director for America’s Industrial Printers, John Calhoun,

Environmentally friendly 3D printing solution
Despite the advantages SLS 3D printing provides over other manufacturing technologies, many of these machines can be wasteful. Service bureaus with more than five large-format SLS or MJF machines face a storage dilemma for waste powder.

XYZprinting has a different approach, leveraging high-performance smaller build volume SLS machines that print with high part quality while producing less waste; end-of-life or waste powder on a large-format SLS machine can be mixed with 20-30% fresh XYZprinting powder and get great results, all within an affordable open platform system. An open platform system allows users to decide which powder they want to utilize and purchase from any material supplier.

JawsTec Purchases 4 XYZprinting SLS Machines
JawsTec, a premier US-based printing service that offers custom, rapid manufacturing for every industry, adds 4 XYZprinting MfgPro230 xS SLS machines to its MJF, EOS, AMT, Dyemansion, and CNC machines this July. XYZprinting Director for America’s Industrial Printers, John Calhoun, makes the point: “JawsTec spent two months testing the reliability, accuracy, quality of parts, software and workflow integration. The result of this test made the expansion to 4 units an easy choice.”

XYZprinting_MfgPro236 xS Printed Parts

Strong yet light: the da Vinci Pro EVO–evolutional desktop 3D printer
Supports over ten materials that allows advance usage of TPU, PC, Nylon, and Carbon Fiber. da Vinci Pro EVO is not only lightweight  but also a superior performance 3D printer to meet the professionals needs. It can also be relied on to produce premium and quality parts to meet industrial standards.

da Vinci Pro EVOs 3rd Generation filament feeding system enhances the reliability of multiple materials extruding with cooling airflow fan providing stable and various materials support. The “Dry Filament” feature keeps your materials back in the same quality for printing anytime.

XYZprinting_da Vinci Pro EVO

XYZprinting will be exhibiting at the show from 12-17 September in West building, Booth 432423. Demos will happen throughout the show and John Calhoun, XYZprinting Director for America’s Industrial Printers, is available for interviews on request.

About XYZprinting:

XYZprinting is a leading global provider of comprehensive 3D printing solutions. XYZprinting is the number one global brand in desktop 3D printing products and services and is now moving decisively into the industrial additive manufacturing arena.

XYZprinting is backed by the world’s leading electronic manufacturing conglomerate, New Kinpo Group, which earns more than 36 billion dollars in revenue annually and has more than 8,500 engineers in research and development across four continents. With nearly two decades of design and manufacturing experience, New Kinpo Group is a recognized manufacturer of many of today’s printers for both personal and commercial use.

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