XSOOH Brings the Next Generation of Hair Dryers: Faster, Lighter, Quieter, and Hair-Loving

Committed to allowing all families to use the latest high-speed hair dryer technology at a more affordable price.

PORTLAND, Ore., July 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — XSOOH has always been at the forefront of hair care innovation, striving to deliver cutting-edge products that enhance the way customers achieve their desired looks. In a world where time is precious, XSOOH proudly announces the launch of the high-speed hair dryer, a groundbreaking product designed to revolutionize the hair drying experience.

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A New Era of Hair Drying Begins

The XSOOH High-Speed Hair Dryer is designed to address the most common challenges faced by consumers: time-consuming  drying sessions and heat damage. Traditional hair dryers often struggle to balance speed with hair health, leaving users with dry, frizzy hair. The XSOOH High-Speed Hair Dryer, however, leverages advanced technology to deliver quick, safe, and effective results.

Dry Faster Than Ever

The XSOOH hair dryer has a ground-breaking 110,000 RPM brushless DC motor and wind speeds up to 22 m/s so that blow-drying time can be significantly reduced. Hair that takes 20 minutes to dry with a traditional hair dryer can be dried in just 5 minutes with the XSOOH hair dryer.

Intelligent Heat Control Protects Hair and Scalp

But speed isn’t everything. The XSOOH High-Speed Hair Dryer prioritizes healthy hair with intelligent heat control technology. Unlike conventional dryers that can overheat and damage hair, the XSOOH High-Speed Hair Dryer constantly monitors air temperature, ensuring a safe and gentle drying experience.

Unique Temperature Cycling Mode & 3-Color LED

With a built-in tri-color light ring, the XSOOH High-Speed Hair Dryer makes temperature changes more intuitive. Plus, the innovative hot and cold air circulation function allows for frizz-free, healthy drying.

Negative Ionic Hair Dryer for Silky, Frizz-Free Hair

The XSOOH High-Speed Hair Dryer goes beyond speed and temperature control. Equipped with 200 million negative ions, the dryer neutralizes positive ions that cause frizz and static. 

Low Noise Operation

Compared to traditional hair dryers, the XSOOH High-Speed Hair Dryer adopts various noise reduction technologies to bring noise levels down to 59 dB. 

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

XSOOH even considers environmental factors and adopts an energy saving design to reduce energy consumption without affecting performance.

Join the Hair Care Revolution

The XSOOH High-Speed Hair Dryer is already taking social media by storm. Thousands of users on platforms like TikTok have shared their experiences, raving about the dryer’s effectiveness and affordability.

While some brands charge upwards of $300 for similar features, the XSOOH High-Speed Hair Dryer is available for an incredible price of just $129.99. Even better, new users visiting the Official Website can enjoy a special 20% off discount on their first subscription! Visit the Official Website or Amazon to learn more and purchase yours today.


XSOOH is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge hair care solutions that combine innovation, quality, and affordability. With a team of experts and a commitment to excellence, XSOOH continues to push boundaries and shape the future of haircare.

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