XREAL Jump-Starts the Future of Affordable, Full-Featured Spatial Computing, Announces XREAL Air 2 Ultra AR Glasses

Developers and consumers invited to explore the future of next generation 6DoF spatial computing applications with XREAL Air 2 Ultra glasses, pre-orders available now

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — XREAL’s mission is to bring augmented reality (AR) to everyone. XREAL (formerly ‘Nreal’) today unveiled XREAL Air 2 Ultra, the latest addition to its popular XREAL Air series AR glasses. Featuring six degrees of freedom (6DoF) via dual 3D environment sensors with computer vision capabilities, XREAL Air 2 Ultra is poised to invigorate the spatial computing developer community by providing an affordable alternative to competing devices, including Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3. Not just high in tech, XREAL Air 2 Ultra is high in fashion and features a sleek new titanium ring frame as part of its iconic wayfarer-esque design, commanding attention from tech and fashion enthusiasts alike. XREAL Air 2 Ultra is available for pre-order now for USD$699 with shipments expected to start in March.

XREAL Air 2 Ultra is available to developers for pre-order now for USD$699 with shipments expected to start in March 2024.

“With XREAL Air 2 Ultra we’re empowering developers around the world by providing an affordable and lightweight solution that allows them to jump into the exciting world of spatial computing and create the next generation of mixed reality experiences,” said Chi Xu, founder and CEO of XREAL. “We put 6DoF AR glasses on the map with our Nreal Light model in 2020 and are thrilled to unveil its highly-requested successor. XREAL Air 2 Ultra packs in tons of spatial computing tech in a smaller, more comfortable, and much more stylish form factor than what others are producing today. Unlike competing brands in this emerging space, we believe in making advanced wearable 6DoF glasses something you can wear all day long and that are accessible to all players in the XR development ecosystem.”

Defining the Future of Spatial Computing Development

XREAL Air 2 Ultra is a total package for developers and includes XREAL’s AR environment launcher called Nebula (Android, Mac, Windows), XREAL’s latest SDK with a significant focus on spatial computing technology enablers that take advantage of XREAL’s new in-frame sensors. XREAL Air 2 Ultra glasses feature a pair of 3D environment sensors with computer vision capabilities to provide simultaneous location and mapping to determine a user’s location within a 3D space, an elegant approach to spatial computing that offers impressive real-time performance without requiring intensive processing. XREAL Air 2 Ultra’s 3D environment sensors, the smallest on the market when the product launches this spring, are purpose-made to create AR apps and explore new spatial computing experiences. They unlock handtracking, 3D mesh creation, semantic scene understanding, and more, including future AI capabilities, all built into the style and comfort of the award-winning, best-selling XREAL Air series AR glasses.

Using XREAL’s advanced proprietary optical engine, XREAL Air 2 Ultra gives the wearer a high-definition viewing experience of Full HD for each eye, with a field-of-view (FOV) of 52° and 42 pixels per degree (PPD), which is expected to be higher than Apple Vision Pro. A fast refresh rate of up to 120Hz and peak brightness of 500 nits means images look crisp and vibrant in many lighting conditions. Wearers can employ virtual 2D screen casting at an equivalent of 154 inches from a distance of 13 feet. XREAL Air 2 Ultra features cinematic-grade audio and directional audio technology, reducing sound dispersion for better privacy and minimal disturbance to others.

XREAL Air 2 Ultra, as well as XREAL Air 2 and XREAL Air 2 Pro, supports Apple’s latest spatial video feature. People can convert spatial videos captured on iPhone 15 Pro to a regular side-by-side format using third-party iPhone apps, which can be viewed on XREAL Air 2 series glasses. This lets people experience spatial video from their iPhone 15 Pro by using XREAL Air 2 series AR glasses, without the need for an expensive Apple Vision Pro.

The Sleekest AR Device Ever Made

Based around a distinguished titanium eyeglass frame – a new look for XREAL glasses, XREAL Air 2 Ultra are premium and robust yet lightweight at only 80 grams and designed for optimal weight distribution with adjustable temples that offer three positions plus three nose pad options to ensure the best image alignment with absolute comfort. The titanium ring frame is a first for the AR glasses industry and adds remarkable flair to XREAL’s already fashionable lineup of AR glasses. Designed for eye wellness in long usage scenarios, every pair of XREAL Air 2 Ultra glasses are TÜV Rheinland certified for Color Accuracy, Eye Comfort, Low Blue Light, and Flicker Free usage, while exceeding ISO standards in terms of image quality and viewing comfort.

A Glimpse of Future Living at CES 2024

At the XREAL booth at CES 2024 (Central Hall #15060), XREAL is unveiling “The Spatial Life” experience to showcase an intuitive new way to interact with digital content. The Spatial Life demo allows familiar 2D applications and widgets to become fully immersive in 3D, blending seamlessly into the AR glasses wearer’s physical surroundings. This creates an infinite canvas for apps that scales beyond traditional screens, allowing users to multitask through augmented overlays without losing spatial presence, and controlled by the most natural and intuitive inputs possible — a user’s eyes, hands, and voice. Furthermore, a groundbreaking proprietary and patented Mirage Shard Tracking Kit will be introduced to developers. This user friendly kit empowers users to interact with virtual interfaces through physical buttons, offering an engaging and tactile interaction approach that welcomes developers to unleash their imaginations when creating innovative interactions.

Pricing, Availability and NRSDK Support

XREAL Air 2 Ultra is available for pre-order now for USD$699. Shipping is expected to begin in March 2024 together with XREAL’s latest NRSDK 2.2 for developers. The latest NRSDK is built on Unity and features improved hand tracking and hand gesture recognition. Depth mesh with semantic labeling is available so that digital objects can identify and interact with the surface of surrounding items. These new features and much more enable developers to build AR experiences that will fundamentally change the way we interact with data and make AR commonplace.

Expanding on XREAL’s commitment to making AR accessible to everyone, XREAL Air 2 Ultra will be compatible with a number of devices, including but not limited to Mac and Windows Laptops, Samsung Android phones, and iPhone 15.

As a thank you for people who purchased Nreal Light in the past, the company’s inaugural 6DoF AR glasses, XREAL is running a special promotion offering them US$100 off when they pre-order XREAL Air 2 Ultra. For more details on pricing, availability, SDK and the special offer, can visit xreal.com.

Celebrating all of XREAL’s news during CES 2024, XREAL’s full catalog of products is on sale now at xreal.com.

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Introducing XREAL Air 2 Ultra, the ultimate 6DoF AR glasses for developers.