Xinhua Silk Road: Chinese liquor maker Wuliangye voted as most popular Chinese liquor brand among global consumers

BEIJING, Nov. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chinese renowned liquor producer Wuliangye has been voted as the most popular Chinese liquor brand in the Most-loved China’s Brands Amongst Global Consumers event, showed the results unveiled on November 26.

Chinese liquor maker Wuliangye voted as most popular Chinese liquor brand among global consumers

The Most-loved China’s Brands Amongst Global Consumers event was jointly launched by the office of the National Brands Project of Xinhua News Agency, China Economic Information Service (CEIS) and other institutions.

An online voting among overseas consumers was initiated on May 10 on their preference of Chinese brands selected into a preliminary list by referring to data from mainstream media, industry associations, e-commerce platforms, etc. The voting list covers 137 Chinese brands of 11 categories, including automobiles, home appliances, pharmaceuticals and alcohol, etc.

During the one-month online voting period, votes of overseas consumers for their favorite Chinese brands were collected from platforms like the English channel of Xinhuanet, the overseas social media matrix of CEIS, Google, dpa, InfoQuest, etc. Wuliangye won the most likes among liquor brands.

Based on online voting, overseas influence and objective data, over 60 brands were shortlisted. After an review by an expert panel, 50 Chinese brands, including Wuliangye, were finally nominated as the most-loved Chinese brands.

Chinese liquor brands are facing opportunities to expand global influence, and as an industry leader, Wuliangye actively cultivates overseas markets by participating in international activities and spreading Chinese liquor culture, contributing to the further alignment of Chinese liquor brewing process and world brewing standards.

Driven by growing trade between China and the international community, Wuliangye speeds up its global layout and steadily promotes its internationalization process by building three international marketing centers in Asia-Pacific, Europe and America, setting up tasting centers in overseas cities, etc.

Wuliangye has also been deeply integrated into international platforms like the China International Import Expo, APEC, the Boao Forum for Asia and China-ASEAN Expo to convey the positive attitude of inclusiveness and openness of Chinese liquor, and show the business card of Chinese liquor in the new era to the world.

With continuous exchanges, mutual learning and open cooperation, Wuliangye has been widely recognized by the international community, and continuously won places on authoritative industry lists. It was also among the first batch of Chinese products included in the agreement on geographical indications between China and the European Union.

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