XCMG Machinery Sends off Second Unit of XGT15000-600S, World’s Largest Tower Crane, to Serve Mega-Scale Bridge Construction Project

XUZHOU, China, Dec. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — XCMG Machinery (SHE:000425; “XCMG”) sent off the second unit of XGT15000-600S, the world’s largest tower crane jointly developed by XCMG and China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. (MBEC), on December 8 from its smart manufacturing base in Xuzhou, China. It will serve in the construction project of Changtai Yangtze River Bridge, the world’s largest diamond-type cable-stayed bridge.

XCMG Machinery Sends off Second Unit of XGT15000-600S, World’s Largest Tower Crane, to Serve Mega-Scale Bridge Construction Project.

The XGT15000-600S is a super large tower crane designed and customized to accommodate mega-scale bridge construction projects. The first unit, which officially rolled off the assembly line in June, was deployed to the Chao-Ma railway bridge project of the Ma’anshan Yangtze River Bridge (including railway and highway). The second unit, now being delivered to the Changtai Yangtze River Bridge, will complete a series of steel tower hoisting and installation tasks, including lifting maximum weight of 300 tons to the height of over 300 meters.

As a major breakthrough of bridge construction equipment development and key milestone for the tower crane industry sector, the XGT15000-600S not only demonstrated XCMG’s industry-leading strength of intelligent manufacturing and brand influence, but also set a new benchmark of industry cooperation for super engineering projects.

“XCMG’s tower cranes have conquered the world’s top technical bottlenecks, and we’re now delivering tower cranes of over 1,000+ tonne-meters in batches that are widely adopted in the constructions of bridges, power plants, stadiums and super high-rise buildings,” said Yuan Shaozhen, General Manager of XCMG’s Tower Crane. 

Developed on XCMG’s S series tower crane technology platform, the XGT15000-600S has a rated lifting moment of 15,000tm, maximum lifting weight of 600 tons and maximum lifting height of 400+ meters. The super tower crane has over 60 core technology breakthroughs and achieved 10 world firsts and set 10 world records.

The tower crane adopts the combined design of a flat head main tower, boom auxiliary tower and manned elevator, and has the core advantages of a high safety level, intelligent technology, strong functionality, high quality and precise modules to deliver excellent performance. It also achieves level 12 typhoon resistance in a non-working state.

“XCMG will continue to promote independent R&D and tackle core technologies  to bring more pioneering super-scale tower crane products that meets the increasing demand of large-scale construction projects,” said Mi Chenghong, assistant to the general manager of XCMG’s Tower Crane.