xBloom Studio: The Ultimate Specialty Coffee Machine, Newly Launched by xBloom

SAN FRANCISCO, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — xBloom, the leading innovator in the coffee industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking coffee machine – xBloom Studio. Building on the success of the xBloom Original, the multiple award-winners (IF Design award 2023, CES Best of Innovation 2023, and Time Magazine The Best Inventions of 2022) and world’s first whole bean capsule coffee machine, the xBloom Studio represents the next chapter in revolutionizing specialty coffee brewing. This cutting-edge coffee machine redefines the brewing experience, offering an all-in-one & one-for-all solution with unparalleled versatility and intelligence that brings magic to every brew. Designed specifically for those seeking both convenience and uncompromising quality, while embracing the art of solo brewing, the xBloom Studio empowers individuals to create barista-level coffee.

xBloom Studio

Introducing The Three Levels of Automation: Autopilot, Copilot, and FreeSolo

This revolutionary machine transforms into a personal barista studio, providing users with three levels of automation to explore various brewing techniques independently. From bean grinding to pour-over and weighing, Studio offers three levels of automation, intuitive user interface and experience design, and standalone functions (brewer, grinder, and scale), allowing users to choose between Autopilot mode, Copilot mode, and FreeSolo mode.

Autopilot Mode: Experience the ultimate convenience with Studio’s Autopilot Mode. Powered by xPods, the meticulously crafted whole bean capsule, take you on a journey curated by expert roasters. Each coffee that comes with an NFC recipe card that transmits the bean’s specific grind size and brew settings curated by expert rosters to the machine. Simply press a button and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every time. Effortless elegance in every sip.

Copilot Mode: Your beans, your brew. Take control of the coffee experience with Studio’s Copilot Mode. Use the beans of your choice, tailor your own recipes through xBloom’s intuitive app, and watch as the machine brings your unique blend to life. From espresso to cold brew, empower taste buds with the freedom to explore and savor the richness of customization.

FreeSolo Mode: Experience the art of coffee like never before with Studio’s FreeSolo Mode. Elevate the specialty coffee experience with the freedom to pour, brew, and savor, one ritual at a time, unleashing your inner barista soul. Whether you prefer fully automated or hands-on precision, the xBloom Studio revolutionizes brewing possibilities, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of coffee enthusiasts. You can not only craft your coffee masterpiece from start to finish, but also utilize the standalone grinder, brewer, and scale modules for other kitchen routines.

The xBloom Studio also stands out with an array of advanced features: an LED dynamic matrix screen that captivates with its display, a precision bean grinding gear paired with a magnetic dosing cup for the finest grinds, the convenience of offline bean grinding, a thorough flushing system, and a double water inlet mode for seamless operation.

A Brewing Trend Setting: Popularizing Pour-Over Specialty Coffee

xBloom (xbloom.com), always standing out as a distinct and exceptional trajectory, sets it apart from other coffee machines, which were designed by former Apple engineers to drink differently. Embrace the epitome of elegance, innovation, and unrivaled performance. And the best part? xBloom’s Studio offers this extraordinary experience at a competitive price, making specialty coffee accessible to all.

The mission of Brew Beyond Boundaries comes to life as xBloom meticulously manages every stage of the coffee brewing process. xBloom collaborates with world-class roasters, to ensure the perfect brew from bean to cup, bringing the world of specialty coffee to all.

“We desire to remove barriers for coffee lovers to enter the world of specialty coffee. This is why we are driving a revolution with the Studio.” Richard, the founder of xBloom, shares his vision for the new coffee excellence.