XAG and Chia Tai team up to launch the first-ever autonomous agricultural drones in Thailand

BANGKOK, Feb. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — XAG, a smart agriculture technology firm, has teamed up with FarmInno (Thailand) by Chia Tai Group, Thailand’s leading innovative agricultural company, to introduce fully autonomous agricultural drones in Thailand. This takes smart agriculture to the next level aiming to scale up the potential of Thai farmers with advanced technology and increase both productivity and quality in the agricultural sector.

XAG P100 Agricultural Drone

XAG announces its strategic partnership with FarmInno (Thailand) with an aim to push forward the cultivation technology in Thailand to the next level. The collaboration results in the launch of the fully autonomous agricultural drones with an intelligent control system.

The drones are fully autonomous and powered by AI, making them highly efficient in terms of spreading and precision spraying. This helps save both time and energy and most importantly, help alleviate labor shortage which responds to the current situation in Thailand as the country is now facing an ageing farming population, where the average age of farmers is 58.46 years[1]. Additionally, the introduction of this technology is in line with Thailand 4.0, which aims to transform traditional agriculture into smart agriculture and improve the country’s ability to compete globally.

Manas Chiaravanond, Chief Executive Officer of Chia Tai Company Limited, expressed his thoughts on the collaboration, stating, “It is Chia Tai’s aspiration to contribute to the transformation of Thailand’s agricultural industry, to add to farmers’ ability to grow more efficiently, and more notably and to instill a great sense of pride in the farmer’s profession while also advocating for safe, high-quality produce and improving the quality of life for both farmers and consumers in accordance with our strong commitment to strengthen food security.”

He further stated, “Through this strategic partnership with XAG, FarmInno (Thailand), one of Chia Tai’s new businesses, aims to tackle challenges in this industry, including aging farmer population, lack of access to agricultural technology and tools, as well as lack of cultivation know-how to transcend from subsistence farming to become a professional farmer. This fully autonomous agricultural drone will help farmers to work faster and more precisely especially in large plantations with efficient spreading and spraying. With more than a century of expertise in the agricultural industry, Chia Tai has accumulated an extensive and diverse body of agricultural knowledge, which has led to an integrated agricultural solution that brings about innovations to solve agricultural complications and issues in a bid to make farming smarter and more convenient than before, while adding value to agricultural produce.”

Mr. Cao Nan, Head of Overseas Business Department, XAG Company Limited reiterated the company’s vision, stating, “XAG focuses on developing drones, robots, and AI technology to advance farming processes with a vision to build a smart agriculture ecosystem for the future. Our drone applications range from seeding, fertilization to crop spraying, which have helped smallholders and large farms worldwide to grow more with less. With our ambitious plan, we work with strategic partners to expand our high-performance products to other countries, including Thailand, which is one of the leading export countries of high-quality agricultural products in Southeast Asia. Through this partnership, we have seen the potential for growth and development of Thai agriculture which is the mutual ambition to uphold high standards of cultivation and add value to agricultural produce.”

FarmInno (Thailand) is ready to launch 2 models of XAG high-performance agricultural drones, including XAG P100 and XAG V40, both of which stand out in term of performance and cost-efficiency. 

About Chia Tai   

Chia Tai Company Limited was established in 1921. It is now one of Asia’s leading agricultural companies with its business covering the entire chain of the agricultural industry, starting from quality seeds, fertilizers, plant protection, to cultivation technology and delivery of safe and quality products.  

Determined to unceasingly develop products and services, Chia Tai was among the first companies in Thailand to develop hybrid seeds. It has high potential to develop breeds to create security for farmers and confidence for consumers. Chia Tai has up to 10 R&D stations in Thailand and other countries and seven subsidiaries across Asia and the US with over 1,300 employees.  

Chia Tai’s principle in doing business is firmly based on business ethics and professionality, with its goal to develop products and services that deliver agricultural innovations for a better and sustainable quality of life for people across the region.

About XAG 

Founded in 2007, XAG is one of the leading agri-tech companies with its headquarters in China. It has developed multiple product lines, including agricultural drone, unmanned ground vehicle, remote sensing drone and autopilot console, which offer an integrated hardware and software solution for smart agriculture.

Today, XAG smart agriculture technologies and solutions have been introduced into over 50 countries and regions. In face of rural aging, climate change and biodiversity loss, XAG dedicates itself to providing farmers with autonomous, cost-effective agricultural equipment that can close yield gap and save resources.

XAG’s vision is to build the infrastructure of agriculture for the next 100 years, that will provide the world with sufficient, diversified, and safe food.

[1] Data from the Office of Agricultural Economics