WuXi Biologics Launches New High-Productivity Bioprocessing Platform WuXiUI™ for Cost-Effective Commercial Manufacturing and Desirable Product Quality

WuXiUI™ ultra-intensified fed-batch platform offers a new process option for maximum flexibility to meet various clients’ needs in biologics development and manufacture. The platform can significantly improve productivity and quality, and reduce cost-of-goods (COGS) in commercial manufacturing The platform’s unique design allows for outstanding adaptability for all common cell lines and diverse modalities WuXiUI™ showcases WuXi Biologics’ efforts to incorporate sustainable and innovative concepts in its CRDMO services

WUXI, China, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — WuXi Biologics (“WuXi Bio”) (2269.HK), a leading global Contract Research, Development, and Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO), today announced that it has launched a new proprietary bioprocessing platform WuXiUI™, an ultra-intensified, fed-batch solution that enhances the productivity and quality of multiple different CHO or other mammalian cell lines and product modalities.

To meet increasing demands for yield improvement, COGS reduction, and ESG consideration in the current bioprocess development, WuXi Biologics has developed WuXiUI™, offering flexible and cost-effective bioprocessing solutions for global clients. Compared with the conventional fed-batch bioprocesses, WuXiUI™ applies an innovative ultra-intensified intermittent-perfusion fed-batch (UI-IPFB) strategy in upstream production to realize a 3 to 6-fold increase in productivity in a typical culture duration of 14 days for a fed-batch process – for different molecule modalities such as mAbs, bispecifics and recombinant proteins – while ensuring desirable product quality. For example, by leveraging WuXiUI™, the titer of a bispecific antibody achieved 25 g/L in 14 days – 5 times higher than the same-scale traditional fed-batch process – with expected product quality.

WuXiUI™ reduces drug substance manufacturing COGS by an estimated 60-80% compared to traditional fed-batch processes in single-use bioreactors, enhancing the competitiveness of commercial products. The platform is also easily adopted and can be scaled up/out in existing facilities without additional requirements for major equipment or complex operations, bringing minimum changes to the downstream process. Adhering to WuXi Biologics’ ESG strategy, WuXiUI™ has a lower carbon footprint than traditional or other intensified fed-batch processes due to more efficient media consumption and reduced waste generation.

Dr. Chris Chen, CEO of WuXi Biologics, commented, “We are pleased to launch the WuXiUI™ platform to provide diverse bioprocessing solutions for global clients that enhance productivity and product quality, and tremendously reduce product COGs. WuXi Biologics’ continual launch of new technology platforms comes from our drive to push boundaries and foster innovation – all with the goal of enabling our global partners to bring more high-quality and affordable biologics to patients worldwide.”

About WuXi Biologics

WuXi Biologics (stock code: 2269.HK) is a leading global Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO) offering end-to-end solutions that enable partners to discover, develop and manufacture biologics – from concept to commercialization – for the benefit of patients worldwide.

With over 12,000 skilled employees in China, the United States, Ireland, Germany and Singapore, WuXi Biologics leverages its technologies and expertise to provide customers with efficient and cost-effective biologics discovery, development and manufacturing solutions. As of June 30, 2023, WuXi Biologics is supporting 621 integrated client projects, including 22 in commercial manufacturing.

WuXi Biologics views Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibilities as an integral component of our ethos and business strategy, and we aim to become an ESG leader in the biologics CRDMO sector. Our facilities use next-generation biomanufacturing technologies and clean-energy sources. We have also established an ESG committee led by our CEO to steer the comprehensive ESG strategy and its implementation, enhancing our commitment to sustainability.

For more information about WuXi Biologics, please visit: www.wuxibiologics.com.


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