WuKong Education Launches Contest for Global Chinese Families to Share Their “American Born Chinese” Stories

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — WuKong Education, a leading online education technology company with over 300,000 students worldwide, launched a contest to celebrate the premiere of the Disney+ series “American Born Chinese” and a recent investment from one of the show’s lead actors, Daniel Wu, who stars as Sun Wukong (the Monkey King). The contest invites individuals of Chinese heritage and were born in the U.S. or another country to share their “American Born Chinese” (ABC) stories, including unique experiences and perspectives related to their challenges, triumphs, and personal experiences growing up in intergenerational families in the Chinese American community.

Daniel Wu will serve as a judge alongside members of the WuKong Education team to select the top stories. Born in California, Wu has previously shared that he regretted not learning Chinese well when he was a child. After watching his daughter take a WuKong Chinese class, Wu said, “I was amazed by the teacher and course itself. I can tell that WuKong Education is reshaping the future of the industry.”

The winning stories will be published in a special edition book, titled “WuKong ABC Stories.” Winners will receive a keepsake printed copy of the published special edition book, along with a copy of the New York Times bestselling and award-winning graphic novel “American Born Chinese” and a WuKong Study Buddy Set valued at $199. Winners will be selected and notified in July.

“We are committed to creating a meaningful impact in society, particularly by empowering the AAPI community and giving students the tools to confidently express themselves,” WuKong Education CEO, Vicky Wang said. “With this contest, we look forward to honoring what makes Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders unique by celebrating and raising awareness of the ‘American Born Chinese’ culture through the art of storytelling.”

Participation guidelines include:

Entries are accepted in English and Chinese on any topic, genre, or word count (200-1500 words recommended). Each entry can be written by a child, adult, or family together. Multiple entries can be submitted from each family. By submitting your work, you are authorizing WuKong Education to edit and publish your story in print and other formats for marketing and publication purposes. If you need assistance, please contact [email protected].

The contest marks WuKong’s ongoing commitment to support the AAPI community and ignite children’s passion for lifelong learning with its recent collaboration with four Asian American authors, which included the donation of 1,500+ books to 100 U.S. K-12 schools and benefiting over 30,000 students.

To learn more about the contest and share your special “American Born Chinese” story, please visit https://www.abcstory-wukongsch.com/.

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