World System Integrator Conference (WSIC) 2024 A Showcase of New Initiatives

Taiwan on its way to becoming a smart application exporter

TAIPEI, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The “World System Integrator Conference (WSIC) 2024” was held by the Ministry of Digital Affairs on March 19 at Hall 2 of Nangang Exhibition Center. On behalf of the ministry, Deputy Minister Huai-jen Lee warmly welcomed representatives from various domestic and international entities to the conference. The opening remarks were also delivered by guests of honor including Dr. Brain Shen, Chairman of ASOCIO; and Ms. Giang Nguyen, Vice Chairwoman and General Secretary of VINASA. The conference witnessed over 200 domestic and international digital technology enterprises, industry associations, and delegations, making it the largest gathering in its history.

This year’s WSIC, themed “Digital Services Accelerating Sustainable Development,” addressed vital topics including “Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development,” “Cross-Border Cooperation in System Integration,” and “Global Partnerships in Digital Services.” In addition to Mr. Jacek Kubas from EBRD sharing insights on digital technology resource deployment and regional development planning, experts from Southeast Asia also presented their countries’ smart needs and solutions in various fields like smart living, smart transportation, and data market applications. During the conference, 9 MoUs were signed between Turn Cloud Technology, Linker Vision, KOGI Corporation, iMedtac, 3egreen, JGB Smart Property, UniRing Robotics, Airtree Inc., Institute for Information Industry and their counterparts from Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Dubai, and Arabia, aiming to facilitate cross-border implementation of our country’s industries.

During his WSIC speech, Deputy Minister emphasized that assisting Taiwanese companies in exporting digital technology applications has always been one of the important tasks of the Ministry of Digital Affairs. The Administration for Digital Industries actively constructs platforms for system integration and international linkage of digital services. The success of Taiwan’s digital technology export efforts was vividly demonstrated at the WSIC, affirming Taiwan’s global recognition for technical expertise in system integration and digital services. Mr. Lee also underscored the pivotal role of digital technology in driving innovation across industries, emphasizing its significance in achieving sustainable development goals and how its integration can create new ecosystems, generating increased business value and social benefits.

The “World System Integrator Conference” serves as a collaborative platform for exporting Taiwan’s digital technologies. In its sixth year, the event welcomed the collaboration from 8 overseas institutions. The Ministry of Digital Affairs remains committed to promoting Taiwan’s smart system integration solutions internationally, aspiring to be the premier trusted global hub for digital technology. By enhancing Taiwan’s brand identity, fostering cross-domain services rooted in “Taiwanese values,” and injecting new energy into the digital industry, we aim to cultivate a dynamic digital ecosystem.

Deputy Minister Huai-jen Lee from the Ministry of Digital Affairs Witnesses Signing of 9 MoUs at the WSIC 2024.