World Leading Rehabilitation Expert Prof. Dr. Christopher Gutenbrunner Visits Siyi Intelligence

SHANGHAI, Aug. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On August 15th, Prof. Dr. Christopher Gutenbrunner, the former chief physician and Head of Department at the Clinic for Rehabilitation Medicine at Hannover Medical School, Rehabilitation international President-elect, Past-president of the Global Rehabilitation Alliance, made an official visit to Siyi Intelligence to explore the most updated Brain-computer Interface (BCI) Rehabilitation & Evaluation System and engaged in insightful discussions on the development of future rehabilitation robots, accompanied by Chong Wang, the Vice President of Zhangjiang AI Robot Valley and Gavin Yin, the Founder & CEO of Siyi Intelligence.

Prof. Dr. Christopher Gutenbrunner and his team experienced the first and exclusive Registrated BCI hand-rehab solution in China – Syrebo BCI Rehabilitation & Evaluation system and complimented ” the idea of the product is ingenious and advanced, that perfectly combined the brain-computer technology with mature hand function products.” 

Prof. Dr. Christopher Gutenbrunner said, ” Therapists must teach patients how to use rehabilitation products correctly. The feedback from patients will drive rehabilitation products iterate and update” while he was experiencing the rehabilitation products series for clinic and home. This point coincides with Syrebo’s R&D philosophy.

Siyi Intelligence’s staff also demonstrated Syrebo EasyWalk exoskeleton walking suit for lower extremity augmentation,which was approved by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality in June this year.

EasyWalk is designed to help patients reduce energy consumption while walking, improve user’s ability to walk long distances even after a stroke and improve safety during walking. After Prof. Dr. Christopher Gutenbrunner learned about the product. He emphasized, “EasyWalk is effective in assisting patients to walk after a stroke. It’s the future direction of lower limb rehabilitation.”

At the recent Rehabilitation International Centennial Celebration Award Ceremony, Prof. Dr. Christopher Gutenbrunner appealed to respect human diversity, respect human rights, and promote equal participation and comprehensive development of disabilities. Similarly, Siyi Intelligence always carries out the commitment to provide dignified rehab equipment for the disabled group.

In the future, Siyi Intelligence will continue to explore the innovative application of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, AI and big data in the rehabilitation industry, to bring “professional, refined, unique, and novel” solutions to the clinics & patients, ultimately realizing the vision of “ensure the innovative rehabilitation services are available to all”.