World Intelligence Expo: Intelligent Industries Inject New Quality Productive Forces in Tianjin

BEIJING, June 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from on World Intelligence Expo:

World Intelligence Expo: Intelligent Industries Inject New Quality Productive Forces in Tianjin

On the soccer field, human-sized robots turn their heads and waists like human athletes in a football match; driverless vehicles are handling various scenarios on the road; drones take off from the Ferris wheel, flying among the landmarks in Tianjin… These fascinating smart products and applications have deeply impressed audiences at the 2024 World Intelligence Expo (WIE).

The WIE is extraordinary for good reasons: It is a combination of the World Intelligence Congress and the Smart China Expo, which have been held 7 and 6 times respectively. Approved by national authorities, the WIE will be jointly hosted by the Tianjin and Chongqing Municipal Governments, alternating as the host city. This year, the event is scheduled from June 20 to June 23 in Tianjin.

The World Intelligence Expo has illustrated a saying: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A total of eight venues are adopted, with 10 exhibition areas including AI, intelligent connected vehicles, and smart transportation and construction, occupying 100,000 m2. 550 companies from 49 countries and regions are participating in the event, bringing cutting-edge technologies and products like intelligent robots, large models and vertical take-off and landing aircraft. Besides, at the opening ceremony, experts in the intelligent industry and entrepreneurs from the Fortune Global 500 dialogued over topics such as the application of AI in the economic and social fields, starting from intelligent connected vehicles and brain-computer interface. During the expo, attendees have the chance to walk in places like the China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City and the Tianjin Artificial Intelligence Computing Center, getting an immersive experience of intelligent production and living.

The WIE, with its reputation, quality and influence, also seeks to achieve practical results, developing the intelligent industry through the exhibition. So far, more than 100 project contracts have been signed, with a total investment volume exceeding 100 billion yuan. This will for sure empower the modern industrial system featuring the intelligent industry, while injecting more vigor into the development of new quality productive forces.

Through the spectacular event, people can also feel the innovative vibe of the city. In recent years, Tianjin has been developing intelligent technologies as an engine for its industries, while leveraging it as the leading force in building the “1+3+4” industrial model. Besides the cultivation of new industries and the development of future industries, Tianjin also lays great significance on the transformation of traditional enterprises. Moreover, the municipality also issued a three-year action plan that aims to foster future industries, with special focuses on intelligent driving and AI core chips, safeguarding the advancement of new quality productive forces through policy guidance.

Empowering high-quality development through intelligent industries is a natural choice for China’s macroeconomic blueprint. The 2024 World Intelligence Expo with its multiple highlights, can be considered as a powerful manifesto for China’s determination and efforts in spurring the development of intelligent industry, boosting new quality productive forces and opening its gate wider for collaborating with other countries in the intelligent technology field.

On this fertile soil, we can expect more fruits that spell “intelligent.”

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World Intelligence Expo: Intelligent Industries Inject New Quality Productive Forces in Tianjin