Wondershare’s New Visual Trendbook Offers Creators an Easy Way to Keep Up with Latest Design Trends

Wondershare challenges creators to revamp their content using the vaporwave aesthetic featured in their new quarterly publication.

VANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As a leader in the digital-creativity software industry, Wondershare is thrilled to announce the launch of their quarterly Visual Trendbook. Every three months, the Visual Trendbook will feature inspirational design trends that stand above the rest for their carefully selected color schemes, fonts, effects, and layouts. Wondershare’s mission with this publication is to help creators revamp their content and keep up with the latest trends in the worlds of design, fashion, visual art, pop culture, filmmaking and social media.


To keep creators in vogue, each volume of the Visual Trendbook will offer a set of curated tools including custom-built effect packs, stylized filters, transitions, and more. In addition to the Visual Trendbook, Wondershare has gone further to empower creators through the #CreatewithWondershare campaign designed to challenge creators to use the elements of the current trend to make their own video for the chance to win a creative fund of 200$ plus a collaboration with Wondershare as a creative ambassador.

“The Visual Trendbook is a page you will want to bookmark,” said Shaan Jahagirdar, Chief Design Officer of Wondershare. “The design world consistently moves forward in the exploration and creative expression of new visual styles. This creative exploration transforms the world. The Visual Trendbook will both publish and archive the different styles and concepts that creators can use in their pursuit of novelty and style.”

Wondershare’s New Visual Trendbook Offers Creators an Easy Way to Keep Up with Latest Design Trends.

By popular vote, the first volume of the Visual Trendbook features the vaporwave aesthetic. Simply put, vaporwave is a style that reimagines the past through a modern lens. It started as a microgenre within electronic music but has expanded to visual art, fashion, interior design, and so much more. As a digital art movement, vaporwave draws from key elements from specific eras such as vintage fashion, 20th-century pop culture, early web design and glitch art, VHS tapes, retro gaming systems (such as Atari and Game Boy), anime, and more. Think ’80s disco meets ’90s punk on an early version of Microsoft Paint with 3D-rendered objects and utopian tropes.

Now, with the release of the Vaporwave Trendbook, creators have the inspiration they need for the #CreatewithWondershare challenge. All they have to do to enter is create a video using the vaporwave design pack from Wondershare, share the video on social media including the hashtag #CreatewithWondershare, and tag @Wondershare for a chance to win the $200 creative fund and become the next Wondershare Creative Ambassador.

“As a technology company, we have been playing with the idea of content creation tools since the days of CD-ROMs, floppy Pentium 100 computers, and 16-bit graphics,” said Jahagirdar. “Decades later, we have transitioned into a fast and mobile world, especially regarding videography. However, our push for innovation and advanced technology doesn’t mean we aren’t nostalgic for our roots. So, really, vaporwave is right up our alley as a starting point for the Visual Trendbook.”

To help creators bring their A-game to the challenge, Wondershare is offering a free trial of specific software from their versatile creative suite:

Filmora — Filmora is a premier video editor for users at any skill level. FilmoraGo — Making video editing more accessible, FilmoraGo is a mobile video editor for making fun videos on the go. Filmstock — Filmstock library is packed with trendy effects, stock images, and music for all your video editing needs. StoryChic — StoryChic will elevate your posts, stories, reels, and various social content with 2000+ templates. DemoCreator — DemoCreator is a screen presenter that makes online presentations engaging.

With the right vision, software, and the vaporwave effects pack, creators can bring their favorite retro-design elements into the future for a chance to win the first-ever Visual Trendbook challenge. Wondershare is proud to have inspired and will continue to inspire digital artists and creators around the globe with the quarterly Visual Trendbook.

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