Wondershare Mockkit 8.0 Launches with Major Updates and New Features

VANCOUVER, BC, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Wondershare, a leading software company, announced the release of its updated prototyping and design platform, Mockitt 8.0. This major upgrade marks a significant step forward in the development of the product, as it introduces several new features and improvements to provide a simple solution for prototyping. 

Wondershare Mockkit 8.0 Launches with Major Updates and New Features

The new features in Mockitt 8.0 have been developed with the needs of tech startups, small business owners, marketers, students, and anyone new to UX design in mind. The goal has been to create a product that is easy to use, while still providing the robust and sophisticated features that are essential for successful prototyping. 

“Our team always aims to offer prototyping solutions for all types of users, so that anyone who feels like a product request or user scenario needs to be fixed can work with the team to quickly mock it up,” said Shearer Wang, Head of Product Marketing. “We place a high value on speed and efficiency, so we are mindful of the problems faced by startup CEOs, product managers, marketers, board members, students, and product owners in all types of situations. Mockitt provides the quickest solution for your UX collaboration.”

The new version of Mockitt has a range of exciting features, including a more powerful prototyping tool with built-in widgets, drag-and-drop interactions, and dynamic effects, allowing users to develop high-fidelity prototypes in a short amount of time. It also supports real-time rich-text notes, comments, and multi-user cursor functionality, making it easy for teams to collaborate. 

In addition, the team and business version of Mockitt 8.0 offers a specialized backstage for team and business management, including member management and asset management. This version also includes complementary mindmap and flowchart tools to help with brainstorming and product planning. 

The updated interface layout and additional features in the prototyping tool include multiple artboards on one page, card and anchor notes in rich text, state management for dynamic widgets, multiplayer mouse cursors, a purer demo preview mode in a device frame. Additionally, users can leave a comment and reply to it at any time to communicate with others. They can also add a link line for quick artboard/widget connecting.

The flowchart tool has also been improved with the addition of multiple pages within one file, handtool support, and the ability to change the background color. 

Compatibility and Price  

Wondershare Mockitt is compatible with Windows PC, Mac, Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, and Android Tablet. Starting prices are $69 a year. (Currently 30% off the price before it returns to $99). Visit https://mockitt.wondershare.com/ for more information on Mockitt and to try the product. 

About Wondershare 

Wondershare is a world-renowned software company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for both personal and business use. As a market leader in creativity and productivity products, Wondershare has been recognized with awards from The Shorty Awards and G2 Crowd. With over 100 million users in 150 countries, Wondershare’s mission is to help our users pursue their passions and to build a more creative world, together.

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