Wondercise to reveal a new-age concept fitness facility at CES 2023

Merging online and offline experiences with signature technology at a new fitness space so global trainers and users have more workout options to stay connected.

Wondercise Gym – an all-new concept gym, bridging online and on-site experiences with a strong focus on motion tracking, user engagement, and the essence of group fitness Live Motion Matching™ – signature technology, newly upgraded to bring highly accurate motion tracking analysis to live courses happening in real-time Featured courses – the first Wondercise Gym will feature 3 types of classes: aerobics, yoga, and spinning

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wondercise, the creator of Live Motion Matching technology, will announce a new fitness concept at CES 2023 to serve as an extension of the award-winning online fitness service.

Wondercise Gym Concept (aerobics and yoga classroom)

Set to open its first flagship location in Taiwan, the Wondercise Gym merges online and offline users into one dimension, allowing users to fluidly choose between popular group classes from home or on-site. The award-winning fitness technology pioneer will showcase the never-before fitness solution at CES 2023.

The series of Wondercise products and services are all set out to help users track their fitness progress, improve, and most importantly, create a sense of companionship within its global community.

Wondercise is a one-stop solution with a comprehensive suite of tools, from advanced technology, content, and services, to community. Wondercise users have been supporting each other on their fitness journeys together since the launch of the Wondercise Studio function in early 2022. The brand has always been recognized for its innovative value in the smart fitness sector and was awarded a Red Dot Award in 2022.

Wondercise Gym

Wondercise Gym elevates Wondercise Studio, a fitness social platform, to in-person experiences as an extension of the socially-integrated fitness system, allowing online and on-site users to stay equally engaged. The facility will feature three main types of group fitness courses: aerobics, yoga, and spinning. The signature and patented Live Motion Matching™ scores will be displayed on leaderboards, along with live rankings and key stats for a kick of competition alongside the exciting vibe and engagement of group fitness.

All on-site classes will be live-streamed simultaneously so online users can participate in real time. The newly upgraded Live Motion Matching™ is now also available for all live-streamed classes, with supported wearables.

The Wondercise system is also a customizable solution that corporates can implement as a part of their employee welfare benefits program. This stimulates and promotes the ESG theme, and supports the staff body to have access to a more active and healthier lifestyle.

Eric Chuang, Wondercise CEO, states: “What Wondercise offers is a value-added service. With the new OMO gym, Wondercise is more than just a fitness app. For trainers and coaches, it’s a new way to expand their reach and a new means of income. For users like you and me, it provides more options on how, where, when, and with whom we want to work out. For Wondercise, we are increasing our content volume while expanding our user base.

People want more freedom in everything they do, with the right tools to help them succeed. With our technology, we give people this kind of freedom and provide unique, effectual, and sociable experiences.”

Live Demonstrations at CES 2023
Venue: Venetian Expo
Booth ID: 54543
Showtime: 11:00 / 14:00 / 16:00 PST (Jan. 5-7); 11:00 / 14:00 PST (Jan. 8)
Wondercise Gym will be showcased at CES 2023 through a series of live demonstrations.

International Awards And Recognition

Wondercise is a globally recognized and award-winning innovator of fitness technologies. It was recently awarded the Red Dot Award 2022 and was a recipient of Red Dot’s Best of the Best Award in 2021. Along with the Taiwan Excellence Award 2022, Wondercise’s innovative value was also recognized as an honoree of the CES 2022 Innovation Awards, iF Design Award, and praised throughout the tech media in a series of coveted publications, including Engadget, Tom’s Guide, T3, and Women’s Health.

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About Wondercise

Wondercise is a smart fitness technology brand that aims to improve personal fitness performance by providing a complete fitness experience for all. Established in 2015 by Wonder Core, an award-winning brand that has sold more than ten million products worldwide, Wondercise is built upon years of international insights into health and fitness.

The company’s smart fitness products include the Wondercise app and the world’s first training Live Motion Matching™ system to support Apple Watch, Garmin wearables, and Wondercise wearables. Wondercise Gym, set to open in Q2 2023, is a highly-anticipated on-site experience that will elevate the entire Wondercise solution.

The Wondercise service is billed monthly at $9.99 USD.

For more information, visit: https://www.wondercise.com/EN