Wondercise to announce the new face of signature Live Motion Matching™ technology at FIBO 2023: a revolutionary fitness experience with wearables and live content

Groundbreaking motion tracking technology provides users with prime training content and real-time performance feedback

Wondercise will launch its newest release on the award-winning Live Motion Matching technology at FIBO 2023 with live demonstrations on site. Patented fitness technology – Live Motion Matching, newly upgraded to enable on-site and remote users to track their training performance in real-time against their live coaches along with performance scores, heart rate, and key stats on a mobile phone or a bigger screen

COLOGNE, Germany, April 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —  Wondercise is proud to announce the launch of the latest upgrade of patented core technology – Live Motion Matching™ at FIBO Global Fitness 2023. 

Wondercise to showcase a series of new fitness technology at FIBO 2023 with live, interactive demonstrations at the Taiwan Excellence Pavillion from April 13 – 16 in Cologne, Germany.

A new face to Wondercise’s signature technology: Live Motion Matching 

The new version of the motion tracking system accurately identifies users’ movements, providing more precise data and feedback in all live-streamed courses on the Wondercise app and in person. This allows on-site and remote users to compare their training against the movements of their live coach with live leaderboards and key stats on screen. All this can be experienced at a Wondercise facility, at home on a bigger screen, or on the go with a mobile phone. At the same time, Wondercise has implemented OpenAi’s ChatGPT technology into its customer service operations to increase user satisfaction and engagement.

User engagement and interaction are amplified with real-time and real-life motion-tracking features through wearable devices that capture speed and posture. The Live Motion Matching technology helps coaches and users to have an in-sync, clear grasp of individual performances, improving communication and effectiveness of fitness training.

Accessible fitness technology meets the power of communities

Wondercise uses popular wearable devices like Apple Watch and Garmin watches to track users’ fitness status and performance with its Live Motion Matching technology. This technology leverages Bluetooth 5.0 and AI engines, allowing users to switch seamlessly between mobile devices and smart TVs for a cross-device service experience. Live-streamed sessions provide professional and personalized guidance from real-life coaches, helping users stay focused on form, push limits, and achieve maximum potential with a worldwide community.

Wondercise offers a one-stop-shop solution for group fitness, with the integration of services and products. Users can join popular group classes online or on-site, interact with fitness enthusiasts worldwide, challenge and share training goals, and create a sense of belonging in a global fitness community.

Eric Chuang, Wondercise CEO, states: “People want more freedom in everything they do, with the right tools to help them succeed. With our technology, we give people this kind of freedom and provide unique, effectual, and sociable experiences. The future is a health-conscious era, and our role is to maximize the effectiveness of fitness through technology.”

Live demonstrations at FIBO 2023

Wondercise will be demonstrating its latest technology at the upcoming FIBO Global Fitness 2023 event in Cologne, Germany from April 13th to 16th. The event will also feature a showcase of Wondercise’s hardware devices, providing visitors with an opportunity to learn more about the future of fitness.

Visit Wondercise on-site at FIBO at the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion (Hall 7, Stand 7E35).

New Wondericse interactive services are now online

All of the Wondercise app’s latest features and upgrades are now available for download through Google Play and the App Store. Users can enjoy unlimited content and experience the latest version of Live Motion Matching at the touch of their fingertips. For just USD 9.99 a month, users can upgrade to the ad-free version of the app. To learn more about Wondercise and its new features, please visit the official website at https://wondercise.com/.

Wondercise introduces personalized recommendations with ChatGPT

Wondercise is set to launch a new “Smart Assistant” feature that incorporates AI technology based on ChatGPT for highly personalized course recommendations. The system will continuously learn and improve to provide more tailored recommendations for each unique individual, allowing users to learn more effectively and enjoy a personalized fitness program.

International Awards and Recognition

Wondercise is a globally recognized and award-winning innovator of fitness technologies. It was awarded the Red Dot Award in 2022 and was a recipient of Red Dot’s Best of the Best Award in 2021. Along with the Taiwan Excellence Award 2022, Wondercise’s innovative value was also recognized as an honoree of the CES 2022 Innovation Awards, iF Design Award, and praised throughout the tech media in a series of coveted publications, including Engadget, Tom’s Guide, T3, and Women’s Health.

About Wondercise

Wondercise is a smart fitness technology brand that aims to improve personal fitness performance by providing a complete fitness experience for all. Established in 2015 by Wonder Core, an award-winning brand that has sold more than ten million products worldwide, Wondercise is built upon years of international insights into health and fitness.

The company’s smart fitness products include the Wondercise app and the world’s first training Live Motion Matching™ system to support Apple Watch, Garmin wearables, and Wondercise wearables. Wondercise Studio is its flagship solution to add community and heightened social engagement between all users from around the world. It is a fitness-theme social platform with fitness tools to help build healthier lifestyles. Wondercise Gym, set to open in Q2 2023, is a highly-anticipated on-site experience that will elevate the entire Wondercise solution.

The Wondercise service is billed monthly at USD 9.99.

For more information, visit: https://www.wondercise.com/EN