WIZ.AI Unveils Southeast Asia’s First Foundation Large Language Model (LLM) for Bahasa Indonesian, Amplifying Regional Representation in Mainstream AI

SINGAPORE, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ON September 13th, WIZ.AI, a Singapore-based Generative-AI leader in omnichannel customer engagement, proudly unveils its 13 billion-parameter Large Language Model (LLM) tailored specifically for Bahasa Indonesia. This release comes out shortly after its release of the region’s first 7B Foundation Model and domain-specific Enterprise LLM earlier this year, marking a significant milestone for the Southeast Asia market as it embraces its very own Large Language Model and takes a leap forward in the region’s AI advancements.

The launch of WIZ.AI’s Bahasa Indonesia LLM also marks a tremendous step towards encouraging the international AI communities to focus more on LLMs for Southeast Asian languages, further amplifying the Asian language and cultural representation in the mainstream LLMs. “We are thrilled to introduce Southeast Asia’s first regional Large Language Model. Our LLM opens up new possibilities for business in the region, and we are excited to see its transformative impact.” said Jennifer Zhang, CEO and co-founder of WIZ.AI.

While the prevalent LLMs are primarily trained on Western data and materials, WIZ.AI’s LLM is trained on an expansive 10 billion Indonesian tokens. This captures the linguistic nuances and cultural contexts of the region, leading to more contextually relevant outputs.

WIZ.AI’s LLM model outperforms mainstream foundation LLMs in Bahasa Indonesia, according to the Hugging Face Open Leaderboard, the authoritative benchmark for LLM evaluation.

A preliminary assessment of WIZ.AI’s LLM performance is already promising. Compared with the mainstream 13B LLM for example, WIZ.AI’s LLM beats its performance for Bahasa Indonesia across all key metrics. WIZ.AI’s LLM outshines especially in Hellaswag (commonsense inference ) by 33%, followed by ARC (reasoning challenge) and TruthfulQA by 20%, and MMLU by 7%.

Performance Evaluation in Bahasa Indonesia between WIZ.AI LLM and mainstream LLM

Compared with the mainstream 70B LLM, WIZ.AI’s LLM also excels in three key metrics in Bahasa Indonesia by an average of 4%, including ARC (reasoning challenge) , Hellaswag (commonsense inference ) and TruthfulQA. 

WIZ.AI’s LLM particularly outperforms the mainstream LLMs in domain-specific areas like banking, finance and e-commerce. When tasked with providing the largest bank in Indonesia, the mainstream LLM provides a general list of the banks, while WIZ.AI’s LLM has the answer spot-on, providing the largest bank with up-to-date data and a comprehensive description.

Response Comparison between WIZ.AI LLM and mainstream LLM

WIZ.AI’s LLM is entirely homegrown and engineered for enterprise-level applications, offering “enterprise-grade” data analysis capabilities, as well as rapid response and enhanced security. After fine-tuning and optimization, WIZ.AI’s LLM performs 2.5 times as fast as the mainstream 13B LLM. Meanwhile, fast speed doesn’t compromise on privacy and security. WIZ.AI’s LLM features enterprise-level security that safeguards sensitive information and data, assuring that data usage is limited to only developing and maintaining LLM. 

The advent of the Bahasa Indonesian LLM will definitely boost Indonesian presence. Currently exclusive to commercial use, plans are underway for an open-source public release. “We’re spearheading an initiative to build up an dynamic LLM ecosystem, where the regional AI key players, AI researchers and AI enthusiasts will come together to propel the LLM and AI innovation in the region, bring Bahasa Indonesian into the AI mainstream and enhance the Southeast Asian market’s impact on a global scale.” reiterated Jennifer Zhang.

With deep roots in Southeast Asia markets, WIZ.AI has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the region through its innovation advancements and business expansion in the market. To date, WIZ.AI has provided and deployed AI-powered enterprise solutions to over 200 clients across Southeast Asia, spanning key industries including banking and finance, insurance, telecommunications, FMCG, and E-commerce, empowering customers to resolve the challenges in last-mile AI adoption and delivery.

Looking ahead, WIZ.AI plans to double down its LLM strategy and extend the foundation LLM to other Southeast Asian Languages, with Thai already in the training phase. Meanwhile, the focus will remain on refining the domain-specific Enterprise LLM to better support industry use cases, aspiring to spur regional AI innovation with its cutting-edge enterprise LLM solution and pioneering foundation model.

WIZ.AI’s LLM is currently open for selected enterprise customers to use. Please submit your request here for review and approval: https://www.wiz.ai/llm-access-request/

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