Wiser: A Taiwan-Based Amazon Marketing Agency Specializes Its Services to Appeal the Cross-Border E-Commerce Market

TAIPEI, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Wiser, a Taiwanese company with the official recognition as an Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN) provider, has helped over 1,000 businesses across the world to achieve steady profit on Amazon. Considering the growing market of cross-border e-commerce, Wiser recently adjusted its organization and specialized its services to develop potential clients and fulfill different needs from clients.

“We’ve helped many Taiwanese companies start their cross-border e-commerce business. Now we want to help them build and promote their brands to the world,” Robert Gou, the chairman of Wiser said. In the past, Wiser focused on running the business on Amazon for clients. Also, the team members managing clients’ Amazon accounts had to be the all-rounders. They dealt with everything by themselves, such as product launch, logistics management and advertising, etc. The work process made it hard for Wiser to expand its business and develop different services.

To solve the problems, Wiser decided to adjust the organization. Albert Huang, the general manager of Wiser, said that they have changed the workflow from where one person had to handle everything to the specialized division of labor. This specialization means Wiser will be more flexible to face different tasks from clients and rapid market change. Clients will benefit from Wiser’s intact and cost-effective services like market research, data analysis, or visual design. Wiser market team’s multilingual talents can offer excellent communication and work efficiency for clients, too. The specialization also enables Wiser to provide not only the one-stop but also customized services. Wiser hopes to offer clients the best customer experience.

Wiser is becoming a brand promoter rather than just a business helper. Wiser will take brands as the core value of its services. Moreover, it also plans to build a cross-border brand-ecosystem so that the resource can be shared among the businesses, making the local market more accessible.

About Wiser

Wiser is a professional Amazon marketing agency from Taiwan. Its services include market research, data analysis, advertising campaigns, brand design, and social media marketing. Sellers only need to provide the products along with necessary information, and Wiser will take good care of brand establishment and promotion, facilitating growth and profitability.