wire China 2023: Gathering Momentum to Drive the Future Development of the Wire & Cable Industry

SHANGHAI, Sept. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 10th All China – International Wire & Cable Industry Trade Fair (wire China 2023), jointly organized by Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute Co., Ltd., was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on September 4th. During the 4-day exhibition, wire China 2023 presents the latest technologies, products, and ideas within the wire and cable industry in a comprehensive manner, and simultaneously grasp opportunities for digitalization, intelligence and environmental protection, and help the industry to start a new journey of “acceleration”!

“Digital Intelligence + Low Carbon” activates the engines of growth

Cables are one of the largest and most widely used commodities supporting the manufacturing industry, ensuring the development of core industries like electric power, energy, petrochemicals, transportation, communications and equipment manufacturing. We’ve witnessed the emergence of new channels for high-end equipment, especially in China, such as intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles, rail transit, network communications and aerospace, have created a favorable market environment for the development of the wire and cable industry, prompting the industry to accelerate its high-quality development and improves quality and efficiency.

Focusing on the latest trends such as “Intelligent Manufacturing”, “Green and Low Carbon”, “Digital Innovation” and “Sustainable Development”, wire China 2023 gathers more than 900 domestic and foreign exhibitors, spread over 57,500m2, to showcase innovation, quality products and solutions for the wire and cable industry. The scope of exhibits covers wire and cable manufacturing, finishing machinery, auxiliary cable processing, raw and auxiliary materials for cables (optical cables), finished wires and cables, measurement and control technologies, testing engineering and other related fields; bringing a high-quality exhibiting and visiting experience to wire and cable industry peers.

Gathering the power of the industrial chain to activate new trade and commerce energies

Enthusiastic exhibitors from all over the world once again will gather at wire China for the further opening up of the market, to connect with the world, strengthen trade endurance and create business momentum, through new development opportunities generating at wire China.

There is an impressive lineup of leading international and domestic corporations participating in this exhibition. Many well-known companies from Germany, France, Italy, South Korea, Japan and China Taiwan such as NIEHOFF, Wafios, SAMP, BOROUGE, ENEOS NUC, Teijin Aramid, ELANTAS, Hanwha, Zeller+Gmelin, TRAXIT, Huntsman, PETROFER, Maillefer, Rosendahl Nextrom, Troester, Esteves, KOS, DSR, Zumbach, SWPG, Suzuki-Sumiden, Proton, Dainichiseika, Microdia, Eurolls and CONDAT are present here at the exhibition.  

Prominent enterprises from Mainland China joining the exhibition include Smarter, Xinming, Hangding, Zhongding, Chuangzhan, G.Y.M., ABZ, Jinlongying, Chaoxu, Baohong, Shineworld, Hongqi, Witman, Fuchuan, Jingtie, Qunye, Zanyang, Strd Laser, Tianrong, CGN Group, Cable, Glory Mica, PAMICA, HJ Polymer China, Tayho, Huayuan, Hengfeng, Hapro, Adwantek.

(*Information is updated as of September 1st, 2023. Listing is in no particular order.)

Concurrent activities take turns to ignite a new wave of intelligence

wire China is not only a professional one-stop business platform, but also an excellent place to launch cutting-edge technologies and share industry development trends. During the exhibition, the organizers cooperated with government agencies, industry associations and financial institutions to launch multiple professional forums and conferences, to create business opportunities and build cooperation bridges for global industry peers.

The theme of wire China 2023 is “strengthening the industry chain, congregating for intelligent development”. It is committed to improving the development of the industry chain, by discussions on new economic trends and new development patterns, analyzing the development status of the local and international wire and cable industry, publishing reports on enterprise competitiveness, sorting out technical challenges and difficult problems related to cables, and helping the industry chain and supply chain to accelerate development. This will stimulate the virtuous cycle of the industry and the new path of intelligent development and continue to boost China’s wire and cable industry.

The 2023 Wire Winding Industry Technology Forum, with the theme of “High Efficiency, Intelligence, Environmental Protection and Innovation”, will conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on trending topics such as “technical development of flat winding wires for electric vehicles, construction of intelligent factories, and increasingly rigid environmental protection protocols”, to promote the high-quality development of the industry.

The organizers have meticulously organized several themed technical exchange conferences and activities during wire China 2023. Various forums with different themes including Industrial Economy sub-forum, Green and Low-Carbon sub-forum, Intelligent Manufacturing sub-forum and Digital Innovation sub-forum are scheduled. The focus will be on wire & cable digitalization, and intelligence and development in an environmentally friendly manner. Well-known enterprises and senior experts from the industry will deliver speeches to share insightful topics and ignite a wave of intelligence!

wire China 2023 will also conduct multi-channel and multi-angle analysis of the exhibition through its official WeChat account, video account, live photo broadcast channels and so on, leading more industry peers to resonate and keep pace with the industry.

wire China 2023 has created a one-stop platform for the industry to connect domestic and foreign businesses. It helps upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to innovate and collaborate. During the 4 days, people from industry and society will gather together to gauge the development direction of the wire and cable industry and create a digital and intelligent future for the industry!

For more details about the exhibition, please visit the official website of wire China: www.wirechina.net.