Winners Announced at the 2023 Ideathon Hosted by Taiwan, Malaysian Participant Comes out at the Top among over 2,000 Local and Overseas Submissions

TAIPEI, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Imagining Future at Ideathon with AI Sparking Infinite Co-Creative Possibilities
To encourage and collect people’s imagination and expectation for future life in 2040, ultimately driving policy implementation and industrial development, the Ministry of Digital Affairs first launched the “Ideathon” call for submissions in 2022. In 2023, the competition expanded its scope to call for submissions from around the world, receiving proposals from 17 countries. When Ideathon hosted a call for submissions seminar in Kuala Lumpur in May, it was met with great enthusiasm as all sectors in Malaysia showed interest in the competition.

The award ceremony of the 2023 Ideathon was held today (11). Themed “WeWe Futures: 2040 Diversity & Inclusion,” this year’s Ideathon received over 2000 submissions from around the world; among all the participants, over 60% were aged between 25 and 44. Also, over 50% of the submissions made use of AIGC tools for development. Both Minister Audrey Tang of Digital Affairs, the organizer, and President Chang Chi-yi of Taiwan Design Research Institute, the executive organizer, were at the award ceremony today, presenting awards to winners in different categories. Among the winners this year, many are concerned with issues of technology inclusion and green sustainability, and some focus on AI, gender equality, and humanitarian concerns. All teams showcase creativity and imagination to reflect the public’s concerns for incorporation of new technology in human life, while also proposing directions and perspectives of innovation for next-generation industry.

“Ideathon Award” Winners for a Date in the Future World
To further develop great ideas that were selected, Ideathon invited domestic and international experts in the industry, government, academia, and research, for in-depth exploration and co-creation with the participants. Through different cross-disciplinary workshops, the experts and participants explored the different scenarios and possibilities in 2040 on topics of health and sustainability, AI generation, integrated design, and interactive experience, so that their ideas could be presented in more professional and diverse ways. The finalists and winners were announced at today’s award ceremony, where all the fascinating proposals that inspire insight into the future were also exhibited, ushering everyone into various imaginations for the future through guided tour.

Over 2000 Local and Overseas Submissions Co-Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Future
The award-winners attending today’s award ceremony included Mr. Lim Kien Seng from Malaysia. His work “Sixth Sense – The Era of Neuro-Spatial Computing” explores brainwave sensing application that breaks through all existing limitations, shaping a future of human-computer interaction through a piece of technology that brings together smart contact lenses, BCI headset, and AR. Director Syajaratud Durri Abdulla of Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre also attended the award ceremony and exchanged with Minister Tang of Digital Affairs. MFTC showed great interest in topics relating to technology and culture, and hoped that, through continued organization of Ideathon, Malaysian people could continue to dialogue with people from Taiwan and around the world and facilitate more bilateral cooperation between Malaysia and Taipei, jointly achieving the vision of digital coprosperity and citizen “co-creation.”

Top: Group photo at the Ideathon Award Ceremony (Top). Bottom Left: Photo of Minister Audrey Tang of Digital Affairs (center) interacts with guests attending the ceremony. Bottom Right: Director Syajaratud Durri Abdulla of MFTC (center) and Director Patrick Hung of International Development Section, TDRI (right) taking a picture with Malaysian award-winner Mr. Lim Kien Seng (left).

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