Willog to unveil item-level condition visibility at CES 2023

Willog’s sensor technology and visibility platform will provide shippers and logistics service providers with insights and foresights into the condition of individual items in the supply chain, allowing for improved decision making and a better customer experience.

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At CES 2023, Willog will be unveiling their latest innovation in supply chain visibility – item-level condition visibility. This is made possible by combining sensor technology with their existing visibility platform.

Technologies used in today’s world are mainly tailored to monitor fleet and vehicles, yet offer little insight into what lies inside them. Without knowledge of the product inside, it is difficult to determine its status progress accurately. As a result, as much as 11% of unit loads arriving at a distribution center have some level of damage.

The introduction of this innovative technology ushers in a new era for supply chain visibility, giving companies unprecedented insight into the condition of each item while in-transit. With this item-level visibility, both shippers and logistics service providers can make more informed decisions, avoid accountability issues and potential disruptions while boosting operational efficiency.

CEO & Co-founder of Willog, Daniel Ji Yun, says that “this is a game changer for the industry, and we are looking forward to showcasing it at CES next year. The combination of sensor technology with our existing visibility platform provides our clients with item-level condition visibility – giving them a live view into what’s happening with each individual product as it moves through their supply chain network. Our vision has always been to provide our clients not just data but total transparency into all aspects of product movement and now we can finally say that this dream has become reality.”

For more information, visit booth #60634 at CES 2023 and https://willog.io  

About Willog

As a fast-growing startup, Willog provides a “item-level condition monitoring” that innovates the supply chain of sensitive, perishable or valuable goods where condition monitoring is required, and its efforts are to create a transparent and connected logistics flow. Based on its patented sensor technology and its cloud-based software, Willog helps companies gain seamless visibility down to the item-level and control over their shipments across their supply chain so they can have condition foresights and insights to improve their bottom line.

Willog acquired numerous enterprise customers including MNCs like Hyundai Motor Group and DHL Express since its establishment. Willog is rapidly expanding its presence in various industries including bio-pharmaceutical, fresh food, and special logistics, where condition monitoring is key to business continuity. Going forward, while strengthening its leadership position in Korea, Willog will accelerate global expansion with partnerships in America, South Asia and Central Asia.