Widebrain’s Metazium Powers Next Wave of Immersive Digital Collaboration Tools

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Widebrain, the leader in enterprise XR content and services, has unveiled its immersive communication platform for business, Metazium, and is now preparing for a global launch. Metazium offers an interactive 3D environment where companies can innovate the way they communicate and collaborate, and present and sell their products.

Metazium 3D space created in Widebrain

“We believe Metazium is a futuristic social media platform that boosts business while reducing costs for exhibitions, digital marketing, and customer communities,” said Hyewon Jeong, CEO of Widebrain. “The metaverse and XR ecosystem can only thrive and be enriched with various consumer services when there’s enough supply of enterprise content. Widebrain is a company that can create unique value in this regard.”

Key features and services offered on the Metazium platform include:

Access to your own 3D Space Server for a virtual experience with 360° views Seamless live-streaming technology and maximum concurrent connections Interactive Communication tools with avatars and AI bot Virtual Space Control Centre for easy service management, metrics analysis, and content integration

Since its founding in 2018, Widebrain has completed over 30 enterprise metaverse projects, focusing on using extended reality and AI to power innovative enterprise solutions. Added Jeong. “We plan to expand Metazium into a global subscription-based service through collaborations with international exhibition and digital marketing companies.”

Widebrain’s mission is to provide inspiration, innovation, and economic opportunity in an expanded virtual space. To find out more and experience Metazium, visit www.widebrain.kr

About Widebrain

Since its founding in 2018, Widebrain has completed more than 30 B2B metaverse projects. Its major projects include a recruitment promotion platform on Metaverse for the Korean Army Headquarters and AR experience content for Lotte Theme Park. The company focuses on digital marketing and corporate exhibitions using its metaverse platform. Widebrain won the Cisco Innovation Challenge Korea in 2023 and was a Scale-up Member of the Microsoft Startup Founders Hub in 2022.