Which category takes best performance on TikTok? Key Findings From Shoplus 2022 TikTok Trends Report

HONG KONG, Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Report: “Her Economy” is on the rise, Beauty and Personal Care, Womenswear and Lingerie accounted for 44% in TikTok e-commerce

As the most welcomed TikTok analytics tool, Shoplus released its TikTok E-commerce Product Trends Report of the 2022 Year-End Mega Sales Season in February 2023. Shoplus utilizes platform advantages and comprehensive analysis to analyze TikTok e-commerce product trends from September to November 2022, and conduct the product insights of TikTok e-commerce of major sales countries including the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

This TikTok trends report identifies the future market conditions and helps in understanding growth opportunities for TikTok business. It also assists you to predict which product category will have high potential in the upcoming year, based on the 2022 Year-End Mega Sales Season on TikTok. Enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions for future growth.

Key insights from the report include:

The Continuing Rise of TikTok Ecommerce is the benefit of Favorable Policies.

During September – November 2022, Indonesia’s sales showed steady growth, but its market share dropped from 43% in September 2022 to 35% in November 2022. However, it still holds the dominant position. From September – November 2022, Thailand’s market share increased significantly, with sales growth ahead of the market. Its market share increased from 14% in September 2022 to 19% in November 2022.

Rise of the SHEconomy: Beauty and Personal Care, Womenswear and Lingerie accounted for 44%.

Beauty and Personal Care, Womenswear and Lingerie are the two categories occupying the top two positions. Except from the need for self-pleasure, their needs for home comfort should not be underestimated, such as Home Supplies, Baby & Maternity and Kitchenware.

Indonesia Market: the consumption price range is within USD 8. High-priced positioning need to be nurtured for a long time.

The best-selling prices of most categories in Indonesia are within USD 8. Indonesian consumers are still in the early stage of consumption habits on the TikTok e-commerce platform.

Thailand Market: Consumer are willing to pay for a higher price in terms of hobbies and beauty consumption.

Interest-related categories are distributed relatively evenly in each price range. Products with a unit price of more than USD 20 account for about 10%-30% of the market share.

Among the Christmas-related product categories, Beauty and Personal Care ranked NO. 1.

Beauty and Personal Care dominate the market, taking 51.4% of the market share on TikTok Christmas-related product category sales distribution, from November 1st to December 11th, 2022.

See the full report for more details and methodology. 

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Key Features:

Discover product potential. It analyses the TikTok product trends of different categories based on hourly-updated data on TikTok. So you can maximize product profit potential and craft your product strategy more efficiently. To optimize your video strategy. To unlock advanced content metrics for videos, sounds, and hashtags that make it easy to grow your audiences. Gain competitor insights. View comprehensive data on influencer performance and engagement, and keep track of what strategies your competitors are currently using.

Shoplus is formerly known as Tikmeta. The TikTok data analytics viewer is designed to help users analyze the characteristics of TikTok creators and offer multi-dimensional data analysis for TikTok business. It constantly explores the relationship between videos and talents to discover potential products through audience needs. With comprehensive data analysis and visual presentation, you can be informed of trends and discover product potential more easily. Discover more at Shoplus.net.

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