WeTrade Group Inc. Announces Strategic Cooperation with MobiLab Medical Innovatives Inc., globally launching an unparalleled and one-of-a-kind Monkeypox Virus testing kits with combined insurance coverage products

BEIJING, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WeTrade Group Inc. (“WeTrade” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: WETG), an emerging growth company engaged in the business of providing software-as-a-services (SAAS) and cloud intelligent systems for micro-businesses, today announced the Company has entered into a strategic cooperation exclusive service agreement (the “Agreement”) on August 15, 2022 with MobiLab Medical Innovatives (“MobiLab”) to launch a globally unparalleled and one-of-a-kind Monkeypox Virus testing kits with combined insurance coverage products with world-leading insurance companies. MobiLab is in the business of providing smart solutions for individuals and companies of all sizes self-screening tests covering a wide range of majoy diseases, infections, viruses. With MobiLab CEO Andrew Tang’s expertise and experience acquired from his more than 20 years career spearheading innovations in over 20 countries in the industry of insurance underwriting and health management, MobiLab has designed two unique insurance coverage products for the Monkeypox testing kits:

1) Infectious disease insurance including losses caused by infectious diseases, covering certain percentage of the hospitalization and inpatient expense in the event of an insured diagnosed with Monkeypox;

2) Emergency care for hospitalization or critical illness covering Monkeypox hospitalization expense.

Pursuant to the Agreement, MobiLab agreed to exclusively conduct in-depth introduction and coordination for WeTrade with several world leading insurance companies in the US, Europe and Asia, and help kicks off designing and structuring of unprecedented insurance products specially covering Monkeypox Virus patients that are tested positive with test kits distributed by WeTrade. MobiLab is committed to helping WeTrade expand into medical area where the cooperation with insurers will not only have a tremendous positive impact on WeTrade’s Monkeypox products, but also WeTrade’s other products on its own platform. 

Wetrade and MobiLab are committed to saving lives and creating a healthier world, providing smart solutions for individuals and companies of all sizes and priding themselves on their unparalleled, dedicated service, including self-screening tests covering a wide range of major diseases, infections, viruses, and beyond.  The cooperation between WeTrade and MobiLab will bridge the gap between symptoms and solutions. The cooperation will actively expand as they undergo the FDA approval process for a myriad of new at home tests.

Mr. Pijun Liu, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, commented, “After claiming our world-wide pioneer position in Monkeypox disease by securing exclusive global sales channel and a $50 million order recently, we are enthusiastic to work with MobiLab, thanks to its groundbreaking business in self-screening tests and its strong capability to help us connect with world-leading major insurance companies for Monkeypox testing kits with combined Insurance coverage products, which further consummates our spearheading position in Monkeypox testing and treatment. We expect the one-of-a-kind insurance coverage offered by Monkeypox testing kit products will bring us over US$100 million in revenue, given the considerable size of the potential market.”

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