Wemade CEO to host quarterly ‘Ask Me Anything’ conference for WEMIX community and investors

SINGAPORE, Dec. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wemade, a South Korean gaming and blockchain company, announced that community and investor meetings will now be held regularly.

The announcement came after a controversial decision by DAXA (Digital Asset eXchange Alliance) , a group of five Korean major crypto exchanges, to terminate trading support for WEMIX Classic token on 24 Nov.

The company behind its own mainnet WEMIX3.0, global open blockchain gaming platform WEMIX PLAY, NFT-DAO platform NILE, DeFi platform WEMIX.Fi, stablecoin WEMIX Dollar, native coin WEMIX and WEMIX Classic token reacted immediately, accusing DAXA of being non-transparent, biased, and collusive.

WEMIX team applied for a provisional injunction, and the first hearing is taking place on 2 Dec.

WEMIX team’s official announcement on its Medium page is as follows:

WEMIX has always strived for shared growth with the community and investors by pursuing transparency and precision through world’s finest compliance guidelines when dealing with asset management and ecosystem development. We are deeply grateful for the continued support from our community and investors despite the recent incident regarding DAXA’s decision to terminate trading support for WEMIX. WEMIX Foundation will strengthen communication with our community and investors in order to eliminate potential misinformation and misunderstanding in relation to the current affairs and future vision of WEMIX. First of all, our CEO Henry Chang — who has directly and personally revealed achievements as well as present and future affairs of WEMIX through quarterly reports and media conferences, will host AMA(Ask Me Anything) conference sessions to enhance communication with our community and investors. The conference will be held in part of each quarterly report in the following order; quarterly earning, community/investor AMA, and media conference. In order to answer and address important issues, we plan to select a moderator from our community/investors to prepare and administer the conference. Moreover, we will establish a stronger connection with our community/investors through the use of Papyrus, the seamless token-based communication tool, where we hope to build trust, alignment, and support by engaging in honest and transparent communication with everyone. The world is changing. Our community and investors will no longer require persuasion or be subject to rationalization, but a companion and a business partner who will strive to achieve the common goal together with the Foundation. WEMIX Foundation will wholeheartedly adapt to these changes, and work further towards reinforcing communication methods with our community and investors to become the very foundation for growth of the WEMIX mega-ecosystem. Thank you.