WELOV by AiDot Secures Registered Trademark ‘BoostMist’ for Innovative Smart Humidifier Technology

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — WELOV, A Brand of AiDot, is thrilled to announce the successful registration of the ‘BoostMist’ trademark, solidifying its commitment to pioneering innovation in the realm of smart humidification technology.

WELOV registered the BoostMist Trademark to secure its brand identity and proprietary technology.  BoostMist signifies “Boost the Mist,” indicating that WELOV’s BoostMist humidifiers rapidly increase humidity levels in a remarkably short time.  Differentiated by cutting-edge atomization plate and fan technology, the BoostMist series of humidifiers leads in the market.  The H500 series, incorporating BoostMist technology, was initially launched in September 2022 and has garnered significant acclaim since its market release.  Recognizing BoostMist’s popularity, user recognition, and WELOV’s steadfast commitment to innovative air treatment products, WELOV decided to register the trademark.

“Securing the ‘BoostMist’ trademark is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence in delivering innovative and intelligent humidification solutions,” expresses Luke Lin, AiDot’s CEO. “This achievement underscores our commitment to enhancing the home environment with state-of-the-art technology that prioritizes comfort, health, and convenience.”

Elevate Comfort with BoostMist® Technology

With BoostMist® integrated, WELOV H500 Pro stands out with a 25% larger atomization plate and fan, ensuring an impressive cool mist output of up to 550ml per hour—the highest in the market. Remarkably, it disperses mist up to 40 inches high, surpassing other models, and safeguards surfaces like desks or carpets from potential moisture damage. In just 10 minutes, it boosts humidity by 20%, quickly relieving dry skin and sinus discomfort. The fine mist not only optimizes humidity but also promotes a healthier and more comfortable environment at home or workspace.

Seamless integrated with AiDot ecosystem

Connect to the AiDot app to access the full range of functions of WELOV H500 Pro, including smart humidity control, mist output, and plant care. Effortlessly manage humidity levels from anywhere through the AiDot app or seamlessly integrate with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. Overcome spatial limitations effortlessly and enjoy a truly connected and convenient experience.

Revolutionizing Home Gardening with Plant Care Integration

AiDot’s Plant Care for WELOV feature takes the headache out of home gardening. Specifically designed for plant parents, it offers customized reminders tailored to each plant’s unique needs, ensuring precise timing for watering, misting, fertilizing, and maintaining ideal humidity levels. Moreover, the recommended humidity level for plants can be set as the target humidity for WELOV H500 Pro’s smart humidity control feature. This ensures the automatic creation of the perfect humidity environment for plants.

Beyond its exceptional mist output, the WELOV H500 Pro emphasizes intelligence and energy efficiency. It meticulously monitors running times and provides detailed daily distribution data, empowering users to make informed and environmentally conscious choices.

“No matter where you are, you can effortlessly achieve your ideal humidity levels for comfort, health, and thriving plants. WELOV and AiDot together deliver next-level functionality and convenience.” Said Kelly Reci, the editor of Kelly’s Thoughts On Things.

Price and Availability

In appreciation of WELOV’s supporters, the WELOV H500 Pro offers an exclusive price of $74.99 at the beginning of 2024 on Amazon and AiDot website with the code ‘welovmist’. 


At WELOV, we redefine premium air quality for modern families with air purification and humidification, empowered by AiDot’s unmatched efficiency in air care, setting new industry standards. The unique aspect of our Intelligent Home is its seamless integration across all IoT ecosystems, including AiDot system and the Matter ecosystem. This offers unmatched connectivity, unparalleled customization, and remarkable versatility, where sophistication blends with smart living, elevating air quality to new heights.

For more information about the WELOV H500 Pro, visit https://welovhome.com/.