Wavemaker’s Participatory Art Exhibition “Real Face” Encourages Visitors to Explore Value of Self-Discovery, Social Diversity and Inclusiveness

SHANGHAI, Oct. 25. 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wavemaker China, a Group M agency under WPP, hosted a “two-person” participatory art exhibition entitled “Real Face” in collaboration with Bu Yang, Big Fish Community Design Center and Tommy Hilfiger from October 21-23 in Shanghai, China. The experimental art event aimed to inspire people to step out of their comfort zone to embark on a journey of self-discovery and explore the merits of social diversity and inclusiveness.

The entrance of “Real Face” participatory art exhibition, where participants enter the immersive “destruction” scene from here

Visitors who attended “Real Face” art show were encouraged to explore their true selves. Participants were asked to attend with a friend or partner whom they’re familiar with and became a part of the exhibition while exploring their deeper true selves by creating masks in the form of paintings or collages. Every visitor was asked to create two masks, one for themselves (effectively a self-portrait), and another which was a portrait of their companion. Breaks through or remains, visitors will have the ability to recognize and shape “self” – much like assembling a jigsaw puzzle.

The art show was in an innovative residential community

“Real Face” invited creatives from different fields to create a unique art experience. A total of 300 visitors participated in the three-day art show held at a pioneer community center “Xin Hua” in Changning District. Here, art is not displayed in museums, it can also be integrated into the life and community.

Every piece of work created by each visitor was exhibited as part of the art show.

Contemporary artist Mu Xiaoyu burned his mask to represent the rebirth of self-awareness

One self with two masks was also a silent yet brave dialogue that awakened a profound journey of self-exploration, the uncertainties also inspired people to seek common ground while reserving the differences, and new ideas will blossom through self-reflection and deep thinking. With the belief in the virtue of nurturing a socially inclusive and diverse workplace, Wavemaker hopes that through the “Real Face” art experiment event, more and more people will be inspired to seek their true selves under different guises while exploring their creative side at the same time. The “Real Face” art exhibition is part of a wider effort by Wavemaker in line with their corporate social responsibility, to promote social diversity and inclusiveness.

Initiated by: Wavemaker, Bu Yang, Big Fish Community Design Center, Tommy Hilfiger. Supported by: Xinhua Community Design Center, China Advertising, PR Newswire, Wong Lo Kat, Qudan Biotechnology, T.O.P Drinks, Zhihu, DeepBlue, PangJing, BottleDream, AdQuan, Pan Shanghai, MakingPark.

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