Waterdrop X PAWAii Co-branded Caremi Fountain, the First NSF-certified Smart Pet Fountain, Is Available on Indiegogo

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., Feb. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As a globally known water purification brand recognized by over 10 million US families, Waterdrop is always dedicated to offering an intelligent and professional whole house water purification solution for millions and millions of families all over the world. They have partnered with a new pet brand, Pawaii, to launch a smart wireless pet fountain called the Caremi fountain. The goal is to combine Waterdrop’s expertise in water purification with smart and fashionable pet products to provide safe and healthy water for pets. With this new product, pets can enjoy the benefits of purified water just like their owners.

Caremi Mobile Smart Pet Water Fountain

According to the lead of the development team of this pet water fountain, the goal of the product is to help owners care for their fur babies without missing out on any vital information that can help improve their pets’ lives. In his words, “the development of science and technology has made it possible to design and manufacture smart eco-products that are dedicated to pets and their families. The Caremi Mobile Smart Pet Water Fountain is our first attempt at leveraging sci-tech to improve the experience of pets and their owners.”

The Caremi Mobile Smart Pet Water Fountain boasts a wide range of excellent features and functionalities. Unlike other regular models out there, this model has a proprietary app that keeps track of the water intake data using the smart weighing module. It can help to monitor how much water their pets drink, how many times, and for how long daily. This also helps pet owners consistently monitor their pet’s health situation whenever and wherever.

Waterdrop coincides with Pawaii’s concept about water health. “Waterdrop’s mission is to protect the health of every family member by providing them with safe drinking water. After noticing that many families were concerned about their pets’ water quality, Waterdrop decided to help through our efforts. This Caremi fountain is provided with Waterdrop’s NSF-certified multi-stage filtration elements to ensure the safety of pet’s drinking water. Furthermore, thanks to the smart wireless design from Pawaii, it really achieves our goal of combining science and technology with user-friendly, modern designs in a single product”, according to a head from the Waterdrop product line.

Waterdrop and Pawaii are introducing a crowdfunding project for the Caremi Mobile Smart Pet Water Fountain, set to run from the 14th of February to the 8th of April, 2023, on Indiegogo. The brand invites pet owners to participate in the exercise on the platform and take advantage of up to 55% discount available to super early bird participants.

If you are in the market for a pet water fountain, now is the best time to make a move. You can never go wrong with the world’s first NSF-certified smart water fountain.

For more on the features of the Pawaii Caremi mobile drinking fountain, head to Indiegogo right away.