WashMe Holdings Revolutionizes the Car Wash Industry by Partnering Up with HokuApps and inkbyte to Build a Cutting-Edge Mobile App Which Gives Customers The Ability To Wash Their Cars At Any Partner Wash In The WashMe Network.

WashMe Holdings is a pioneer in the car wash space, building the first nationwide car wash membership platform using a multi-branded network of independent and franchise-owned car wash locations in the United States, and soon beyond. WashMe has quickly built their “Partner Wash Network” to over 70+ locations, across 13 states, seamlessly integrating platforms with each brand and location. WashMe offers access to a wide variety of car wash types, from full-service to express, soft touch to touchless, all with one membership at one low price. This convenience at an affordable price makes the WashMe membership and Partner Wash Network, the way of the future in the car wash industry.  

FLORAHOME, Fla., Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — WashMe Holdings, Inc. partnered with inkbyte LLC, a full service creative agency and HokuApps, a global player in the next-generation of enterprise mobility solutions, to build and deploy a robust one stop solution that allows them to serve their customers digitally wherever they are. WashMe Holdings stands out as the first national car wash network. By using the WashMe app, customers can now have any vehicle they own, including family cars, company cars, and rental cars, washed at any Partner Wash across the country, rather than being limited to just single brand car wash. All of this is available at a single, affordable monthly fee. WashMe Holdings utilized HokuApps’ low code platform to develop a centralized booking management system that is inclusive of functions such as viewing nearby Partner Wash locations and their ratings, transaction history, referrals, membership profile and benefits, QR codes, notifications and alerts as well as providing reporting capabilities. 
inkbyte is a renowned full-service creative agency located in the United States that specializes in devising innovative approaches to enhance their clients’ Brand Voice. They focus is on identifying the underlying factors that motivate consumer behavior for their clients. inkbyte offers WashMe a wide range of services, such as brand identity, strategy, web design, creative design, print, and signage. 
By deploying this application, WashMe Holdings provides their customers with digital access to their services anytime, anywhere while also improving operational efficiency. This marks a groundbreaking development as it is the first time any organization has attempted to overcome technical challenges associated with such an implementation. As a result, a membership created at one car wash brand cannot be validated at another, causing customers to hold multiple memberships. Adding to the complexity, each car wash has a different entry mechanism, ranging from key codes to bar codes, manual entry, and NFC taps. WashMe Holdings and inkbyte teamed up with HokuApps to overcome industry challenges, enabling customers to access any car wash with a single membership, a feat never before accomplished in the industry.  

“Thanks to HokuApps’ state of the art technology, we are able to deliver innovative digital solutions to our customers, granting them quick access to car wash services right at their fingertips. We are able to work towards our goal all while retaining full control over the user experience that we wanted to create,” said Patrick Osredker & Denny Axman, Owners and Co-Founders at WashMe Holdings.

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