Vpon Big Data Group invited to share insights at Taiwan-Japan economic and trade seminar

Data solutions help the Japanese government promote cross-border tourism and data business services optimization

TAIPEI, Feb. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — To promote cooperation and digital talent exchanges between Taiwan and Japan’s semiconductor industry, the Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce, Taiwan (CNAIC) recently held the “strengthening the new link between the semiconductor and digital sectors” 2023 Taiwan-Japan (Kyushu) Economic and Trade Seminar, in concert with the  Kyushu Semiconductor Talent Cultivation Alliance, the Kyushu Open Innovation Center (KOIC) and Kyushu Economy International (KEI). Vpon Big Data Group founder and CEO Victor Wu was invited to attend as an industry representative and share stories of successful cases of cooperation between companies in the two regions.


Business exchanges between Taiwan and Japan have become noticeably more frequent in recent years, with firms in both regions working very closely together, especially in the semiconductor and digital content-related industries. Mr. Wu had been recently invited to attend the seminar to give a talk on his experience when Vpon assisted the Japanese government in cross-border tourism and in setting up and managing the collection and analysis of data on the export of Japanese products as a result of the Cool Japan initiative. He also stressed that as exchanges between Taiwan and Japan become closer and more frequent, it behooves manufacturers and distributors to support and cooperate with each other in order to create more synergies.

Mr. Wu first explained how the Cool Japan initiative was rolled out to publicize and sell Japanese goods overseas, as well as to promote tourism to Japan. Under this strategic framework, Vpon integrated AI, big data, blockchain and cloud services into its own Wee and Vnity data solutions to collect, analyze and apply data with an eye to developing a more effective advertising strategy, and to better identifying and targeting consumers. Such strategies have already proven successful in promoting tourism to Okinawa, bringing overseas visitors into Japanese department stores and selling fruit, aquatic products and alcohol abroad.

Vpon achieved new results records in the Japanese market:

Through the Inbound program Vpon analyzed and identified target consumer groups with its data solutions; Through the Outbound program, Vpon assisted Japanese firms in the selling of Japanese specialty foods including agricultural products, fruit, sake as well as hosting cultural events abroad, alongside the promotion of inbound domestic tourism, assisting the Japanese government in meeting its objective of “goods out, tourists in”.

As a result, Vpon will accumulate extensive experience in working with local Japanese government agencies and Japanese companies, and expects to leverage that experience to vastly expand its relationship network and develop partnerships with a growing number of organizations in the country.

This first-of-its-kind TaiwanJapan (Kyushu) Economic and Trade Seminar hosted 150 guests, including CNAIC chairman Thomas T. L. Wu, Minister of Taiwan Economic Affairs Wang Meihua, Taiwan’s Minister of Digital Affairs Audrey Tang, the Third Wednesday Club (San San Fe) chairman Por-Fung Lin, Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association deputy representative Dr. Takashi Hattori, Kyushu Semiconductor Talent Cultivation Alliance director Kimihide Namura, veteran politician of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Satsuki Katayama, as well as more than 40 Kyushu government officials and executives from Kyushu-based companies. Three Taiwan firms including Vpon, Topco Group and TXOne Networks and three Japanese peers shared their cooperation cases from different industry perspectives in a move to facilitate more collaborative opportunities.

About Vpon Big Data Group

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