VNG Corporation Launches New Ho Chi Minh City Data Center, Certified Tier III

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Dec. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VNG Corporation announced the opening of its new data center in Ho Chi Minh City, marking a major milestone for VNG in providing a full tier III facility carrier-neutral facility.

This new world-class data center is open for business, providing the best uptime infrastructure for all digital service platforms, secure data storage, and proprietary cloud solutions and complementing the company’s existing cloud services for its customers in Vietnam.

VNG’s continued investment in providing this facility further demonstrates the company’s commitment to the development of scalable digital services and solutions. The data center will play a pivotal role in providing robust and secure infrastructure solutions both for VNG’s customers and internal requirements, with the facility designed to Tier III Uptime standards, along with technologies to achieve greater energy efficiency and higher availability.

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony, Senior Director of Facilities & Operations at VNG, Gary McKinnon said: “As enterprises and industries look to adopt and innovate on data platforms, scalable secure data storage is a necessity. VNG’s Data Center will continue to build on our existing customer services while providing both local and global customers surety in meeting data residency, compliance, and security needs”.

The Data Center allows businesses to host their IT system workloads and provide support for new economic opportunities as they arise. Initially, the data center will provide 410 racks, with further expansion to 1600 racks as required to meet the expected strong growth in the country’s digital transformation.

VNG also announced Uptime Tier III certification for the new data center in terms of design (TCDD) and equipment for data center installation (TCCF).  It is currently one of only three data centers in Vietnam to meet this standard. VNG upholds the principle of resilience thanks to its experienced operation team, who received the training and obtained international certificates in Data Center operations.

For local and global clients in both private and public sectors, the launch of VNG Data Center guarantees flexible, secure, reliable access to data storage and leverages the data solutions to advance their business.

VNG Data Center, Lot S.38b-39-40, Str. 19, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

About VNG Data Center

VNG Data Center is certified at Uptime Tier III, a well-recognized global standard which classifies data center performance in its electromechanical infrastructure. To meet Tier III, the data center has to meet the design and implementation to ensure 100% compliance with electrical power and cooling capacity, and no any interruption or reduction in design capacity during the system maintenance period.

The data center also complies with the requirements of TIA 942 regarding providing fail-safe operations and robust protection against disasters to ensure long-term reliability. These security and resilience requirements must be maintained unaffected through future expansion. The building has been strengthened against seismic stress by construction using a modular RC frame.

The carbon impact of the data center has been minimised through efficient design, particularly in the deployment of a hot aisle/cold aisle configuration with a sunken floor design. The data center is designed to a PUE of 1.45, although it achieved 1.33 under Uptime Institute test conditions. At construction, carbon impact was minimized through the use of a sustainable insulated precast façade.

The data center upholds the highest level of security through the Security Operations Center. The tailor-made DCIM system is used for the facility and network automated operating, planning and monitoring to minimize the human mistake, fast fault detects and correction.

The facility is also compliant with TCVN 9250, the local standard developed by the Ministry of Communication, Vietnam, for the operation of data centers and with the requirements of PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security).

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