vivo Announces V30 Pro, Elevating Smartphone Portrait Photography in Collaboration with ZEISS

vivo and ZEISS bring joint R&D to the V series for the first time. Each rear camera on V30 Pro offers professional imaging quality that meets ZEISS Optics standards. The slim and powerful V30 Pro comes in stunning new color themes.

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — vivo, a leading global technology company, today introduced V30 Pro, the first V series smartphone to feature a vivo ZEISS Co-Engineered Imaging system, elevating smartphone portrait photography to a new level. The new device boasts a ZEISS Triple Main Camera and ZEISS Style Portrait, allowing users to capture professional-quality portraits with ease. V30 Pro combines cutting-edge technology with stunning design, featuring new outstanding color themes and textures. As one of the slimmest phones with a 5000 mAh (TYP) battery in the V series, V30 Pro ensures users stay connected all day long in style. And, with a large battery, bright display and a 4 nm Flagship Chip, V30 Pro delivers excellent performance for reliable daily use, smooth mobile gaming and immersive entertainment.

V30 Pro, co-engineered with ZEISS.

“We are thrilled to expand our imaging collaboration with ZEISS and bring our joint expertise to the V series for the first time. With each of the three rear cameras offering professional-grade imaging quality that meets ZEISS Optics standards, users can expect an exceptional portrait photography experience,” said Yongduan Zhou, General Manager of Overseas Products. “V30 Pro boasts a large-capacity battery in a sleek frame, with stunning new color themes for a perfect blend of style and performance.”

V30 Pro meets ZEISS Optics standards, enabling professional-level photography

vivo and ZEISS are now bringing their joint innovation to the V series for the first time. Together, vivo and ZEISS integrate cutting-edge optical technology with adapted smartphone design to bring advanced mobile imaging technologies to vivo smartphone users. The joint efforts span optical design specification and selection, implementation, as well as verification and validation of the imaging system and related features, such as ZEISS Style Portrait, ZEISS Natural Color and more.

V30 Pro, co-engineered with ZEISS, features ZEISS Triple Main Camera, meaning each rear camera on the smartphone meets the ZEISS Optics standards for professional-grade image quality.

V30 Pro is the first smartphone to feature a 50 MP Professional Portrait Camera, offering a 50 mm focal length for more realistic and vivid portraits. The overall perspective closely aligns with the human eye’s natural viewpoint, preventing distortions for a more natural appearance. With a significant increase in pixel count, now four times greater than the previous 12 MP portrait camera, V30 Pro can capture richer details in portraits, rendering even the finest strands of hair. Additionally, the 2x zoom allows for excellent portrait quality, even from a distance.

The 50 MP AF Ultra Wide-Angle Camera offers 119° Ultra Wide-Angle Perspective[1], perfect for group shots or beautiful landscape photography. It is the V series’ first 50 MP ultra wide-angle camera equipped with Auto Focus, offering 6.25 times the pixel count of an ordinary 8 MP wide-angle camera. It also features AI Group Portrait for clear group portraits of up to 30 people.

The rear camera setup is complete with a 50 MP vivo VCS True Color Main Camera that captures true colors with exceptional clarity in low-light conditions. The vivo-exclusive Camera-Bionic Spectrum (VCS) transforms the light intake from a quantitative change to a qualitative one, allowing the sensor to receive raw information that is increasingly closer to what is perceived by the human eye.

The 50 MP VCS True Color Main Camera boasts a 1/1.49″ sensor, the largest sensor in V series, supported by powerful Optical Image Stabilization, enabling users to capture clearer and brighter pictures at night.

V30 Pro provides users with the flexibility to customize color profiles according to their preferences. The vivo Color System Professional Colors feature offers three distinct color profiles. ZEISS Natural Color is a joint effort by vivo and ZEISS to capture colors that are true to what the human eye sees. This profile is ideal for professional users who require room for post-editing and users who prefer a more authentic look. vivo Vivid Color is a vibrant color profile refined over four years based on user preference. vivo Textured Color offers rich and delicate color expressions to capture the mood of the moment.

[1] The optical field of view of the 50 MP AF Ultra Wide-Angle Camera is 119°, and 109.2° after distortion correction.

Iconic photography style

vivo has teamed up with ZEISS to introduce ZEISS Style Portrait to V30 Pro. ZEISS Style Portrait offers six different portrait style bokeh options inspired by the distinctive bokeh look of iconic ZEISS lenses. These include ZEISS Biotar, Sonnar, Planar, Distagon, Cinematic Style Bokeh and ZEISS Cine-Flare Portrait.

V30 Pro introduces ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh, bringing an iconic cinematic style to videos. It features a unique cinematic aspect ratio of 2.39:1, adding a movie-like look and feel, and uses advanced AI-based depth calculations to achieve a more natural bokeh effect.

In addition, with ZEISS Border Watermark, users can now apply customized frames with photo parameters, adding an artistic touch to their photos while showcasing the vivo ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System.

Professional Aura Light Portrait, your portable photography studio

V30 Pro brings an enhanced Aura Light Portrait with softer light, smart adjustment for close-ups and distant photos, and intelligent cool and warm light adjustment based on the subject’s surroundings to ensure color consistency.

Aura Light provides softer yet more powerful lighting for portraits compared to standard flash. Its light-emitting area is 19 times larger and 50 times softer[2], allowing users to capture delicate details for stunning portraits. V30 Pro also comes with an integrated Smart Color Temperature Adjustment that intelligently identifies and adjusts the color temperature based on the subject’s surroundings, preventing issues such as color casting and blurring of facial features often caused by environmental light.

V30 Pro further simplifies portrait photography with Distance-Sensitive Lighting that adjusts the Aura Light brightness level based on the subject’s distance in real-time with centimeter-level precision. The light is softer and more uniform when the subject is close and clearer and brighter when the subject is far.

Aura Light supports a range of new modes, such as Aura Light Portrait Video and Aura Light Food Mood, encouraging users to explore their creativity. Aura Light Portrait Video works with the smartphone’s powerful Hybrid Image Stabilization (OIS + EIS) to capture perfectly lit and clear videos even in low light.[3] Aura Light Food Mood challenges even the most complex restaurant lighting to help users capture bright, textured, and appetizing food photos with a single tap.

[2] The improvement data of the light-emitting area and softness comes from vivo’s laboratory based on a comparison of the Aura Light and the flash on V30 Pro.

[3] The Hybrid Image Stabilization (OIS + EIS) works when you are shooting with the main camera at 1x or above zoom.

Ultra-slim design and stunning new color options

V30 Pro maintains the V series’ signature slim design language while providing exceptional battery performance with its 5000 mAh (TYP) Battery. To achieve this, V30 Pro leverages an industry-leading One-Piece Encapsulation Technique that involves reconfiguring the battery casing to make it thinner, creating additional space for the battery cells. Additionally, V30 Pro has improved its 3D Curved Screen design for a better in-hand feel and grip, further enhancing the user experience.

The rear camera module is designed with the View Catcher concept in mind, reflecting the phone’s powerful photography features. It boasts a sophisticated 2.5D Glass Lens with a polished metal bezel that is fine-tuned using a diamond cutting technique for an elegant and refined look.

The innovative Color, Materials and Finish design brings a new visual and tactile experience to V30 Pro with outstanding new color themes. The Bloom White edition has a stunning 3D Petal Pattern created using photolithography, adding an incredible 13 million lines to the phone’s surface. Waving Aqua uses a Rippling Magnetic Particle process, integrating tens of thousands of tiny magnetic particles into flowing resin for a unique rippling effect with a greenish-blue hue. Lush Green uses the iconic Color Changing technology of the V series, bringing an elegant green shade that transforms into a deep blue hue under UV light. Finally, V30 Pro is also available in the elegant Noble Black version for those who prefer a more classic look.

All-day smooth and powerful performance

V30 Pro provides a powerful gaming and immersive entertainment experience, combining a large battery, a powerful chipset, and a stunning bright screen.

The large 5000 mAh (TYP) battery, supported by the Super Battery Saver, provides up to 20 days of standby time and can be fully charged in just 46 minutes[4] using the 80W FlashCharge[5] for smooth daily use. V30 Pro has also introduced leading battery technology that doubles its battery lifespan. The battery health remains above 80% even after 1600 charge-discharge cycles, maintaining a battery lifespan of four years.[6]

[4] The maximum standby time is for screen-off standby with a 4G network. The data is from vivo laboratory. Charging data is based on vivo laboratory environmental tests. The data was provided by vivo’s lab according to tests conducted under the device’s default charging mode. Actual battery duration and charging speed is subject to actual usage and may vary depending on environment and other factors.

[5] Equipped with vivo standard charger and cable, the product supports up to 80W FlashCharge. The actual charging power is dynamically adjusted as the scene changes, and subject to actual use.

For heavy-use tasks and gaming, V30 Pro boasts a powerful 4nm Flagship Processor and enhanced 12GB+12GB Extended RAM, ensuring lag-free operation. The device also features an Ultra Large Cooling System with a large vapor chamber of 3002 mm2, achieving multi-layer efficient heat dissipation for peak performance. With 11 built-in temperature sensors for real-time detection, V30 Pro remains smooth and stable.

V30 Pro boasts a 1.5K Ultra Clear Sunlight Display for an immersive entertainment experience with an ultra-clear AMOLED display, 3D curved screen and a 120 Hz refresh rate. With peak local brightness of 2800 nits, 213% higher than the previous generation, and maximum overall brightness of 1200 nits, users can enjoy screen content in strong sunlight. The display prioritizes eye protection and comfort with flagship-level features and has received SGS eye protection certification.

V30 Pro has a Comprehensive Cushioning Structure for lightweight durability. It features “Schott α” glass screen protection and raised metal bezels that shield the camera module. Reinforced sides and customized aluminum alloy corners increase the device’s overall strength, making it visually stunning and impressively tough. V30 Pro has an IP54[7] rating for dust and water resistance.

[6] These tests simulate daily usage habits (charging and discharging a phone once a day) and indicate that 1600 cycles equal approximately 4 years of usage. The above data was provided by vivo’s lab according to tests conducted in a simulated environment, with ambient and battery temperatures of 23°C±2°C for a full charge and discharge. Actual results may vary due to differences in test equipment, test environment, personal usage patterns and habits.

[7] This product is rated as IP54 for splash, water, and dust resistance under IEC standard 60529 and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions. The resistance to splashes, water and dust is not permanent and may be reduced due to daily use. Do not charge the mobile phone when it is wet. Refer to Safety information in Settings for cleaning and drying instructions. Damage due to liquid ingress is not covered by the warranty.

Pricing and availability

V30 Pro will be available in over six markets, including India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and Taiwan. The availability, pricing, and specifications may vary based on local market conditions and consumer preferences. Visit vivo’s official website for more information about pricing and color availability. 

About vivo

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