VivaCut, a “gathering place” for short video creators

NEW YORK, Aug. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the creator economy has become extraordinarily prosperous. According to a report in New York Times in July last year, more than 50 million content creators from all over the world worked in the digital space, making money online through photography, video and others; the related function applications like video editing were being developed continuously. 

VivaCut is a video editing app serving creators. Launched on the global market in 2019, it is characterized by professional video editing functions such as keyframe animation and chroma key for image matting. But its popularity is not just because of its rich features. VivaCut developed the “Creator Program” in 2020, inviting the global creators to join.

Abdelrahman Gamal, a 17-year-old boy from Egypt, joined VivaCut’s “Creator Program” in September, 2021; in just half a year, he created 500 short video templates, considered as the well-deserved “model”. Sqmvii from the Philippines was recognized as “technical elite” after becoming the creator of VivaCut, and his video template always uses many cool, advanced and professional editing effects in VivaCut. Barisxezgizem, a girl from Turkey, ranked the first among Turkish creators; she has always been very active and creative, and the templates created by her are very popular. ANGRYCAT from Indonesia has an earlier relationship with VivaCut; she has been providing users with creative short video templates as the creator of VivaCut since 2020.

VivaCut’s “Creator Program” can provide more people with a ready-made work platform. But, more importantly, it is proactively building the inclusive creative atmosphere to offer unlimited space for creators.