Vision beyond imagination: Hikvision showcases innovative display technologies and products at ISE 2024

HANGZHOU, China, March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hikvision unveiled a captivating array of innovative display technologies and products at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 in Barcelona, Spain.

Hikvision showcases innovative display technologies and products at ISE 2024

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), which takes place every February, is the largest audio-video systems integration show in the world. This year the four-day event hosted over 1,300 exhibitors and more than 116,000 visitors. Hikvision chose this venue to showcase its range of cutting-edge display technologies and products, which enhance the audience experience with unified visual design and synchronized video content.

The best in LED display technologies

LED displays have become commonplace in sectors such as retail, service, and advertising. Vibrant, eye-catching displays grab attention and brighten lives. Hikvision is at the forefront of LED display technology and used ISE to showcase the latest and most impressive of these.

Industry-leading flip-chip COB LED
Some of the most exciting LED technologies are those that use chip on board (COB) LEDs. At ISE 2024, Hikvision showcased its second generation ‘Flip-Chip’ COB LED display. It’s a revolutionary design which can create very large screens in stunning 4K resolution and unmatched detail and definition. These displays have a remarkable pixel pitch of just P0.9 which ensures that every pixel comes to life with exceptional clarity and brightness. This makes them an ideal high-end display for large conference centres and operations platforms.

Stunning debut of BW/CW series cabinets
LED displays often have a hard life. One key technology that keeps LED displays in great working condition both indoors and out are their aluminium cabinets. Visitors to ISE 2024 were the first to see Hikvision’s stunning new BW/CW series cabinets. These 5th-generation cabinets feature a 2X2 LED board structure and are designed to make installation simple. Lighter and thinner than previous generations, these new cabinets are ideal for use in many different indoor scenarios.

Visual wonder of 3D immersive LED
For exhibition and marketing events, however, nothing can beat the lifelike depth and vibrant colours of Hikvision’s 3D immersive LED technology. At ISE 2024, Hikvision used multiple LED screens using this technology to build an immersive ‘virtual room’.

Hikvision showcases innovative display technologies and products at ISE 2024

Intelligent display solutions for diverse scenarios

Hikvision showcased its extensive range of display solutions which are designed for use in diverse scenarios, such as retail, education, and video conferencing.

Flexible indoor displays for retail engagement
Hikvision’s CGFx creative display series supports flexible rotation for optimal viewing and offers impressive features such as right-angle and 10° outer arc splicing for creative shapes. It creatively splices LED cabinets of varying sizes, captivating consumer’ attention. Tailored for advertising applications, LED poster displays can be used in many different situations and feature high brightness, a built-in information release system and robust surface protection. With a narrow bezel and high brightness, LCD digital signage displays deliver maximum visibility and impact. They streamline content management with an Android SOC and the HikCentral FocSign (an integrated software platform for digital signage and IFPD).

Digital transformation in education
Hikvision’s flagship interactive flat panel displays are among the preferred options driving digital transformation in education. At ISE 2024, Hikvision showcased its D5C series which effectively bridges the gap between teaching and learning using cutting-edge technologies such as touch controls; high-definition displays; video and audio processing; network communications; and interactivity. By integrating these displays with ClassIn software, Hikvision’s interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) help teachers deliver interactive learning experiences.

Comprehensive intelligent conference solution
Visitors could also see Hikvision’s upgraded video conference solution which integrates multiple intelligent features to enhance the collaborative experience. These include the all-in-one LED display that significantly boosts efficiency, offering a new visual and interactive experience, while the D5C series boasts auto framing, speaker tracking, and an acoustic baffle to eliminate noise, perfect for conference scenarios. Hikvision also introduced its solution for bringing your own meeting (BYOM). With no need for software installation or cable connection, users can simply use a dongle for projection. Furthermore, Hikvision’s Small office/home office (SOHO) products provide users with professional conference capabilities through integration with existing devices.

Hikvision showcases innovative display technologies and products at ISE 2024

Nice blend of flexibility, durability, and image quality

Hikvision’s LED displays are renowned for their flexibility, durability, and image quality, impressively highlighted during ISE 2024.

Rental LED displays for indoor and outdoor needs
Hikvision’s Rental LED displays are used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The rugged range that Hikvision took to ISE 2024 demonstrated the flexible size choices that are available – as well as just how simple they are to install and then uninstall. The indoor curved rental LED display features curve locks and lightweight design for temporary applications, such as entertainment and sports events.

Tough outdoor LED displays for advertising and events
At ISE 2024, the brightness of the outdoor LED displays started at a minimum of 5,000 nits, with the GLF series reaching an impressive 10,000 nits. Visitors discovered the innovative new corner bar cabinets which are arc-shaped and can be placed between the two columns of right-angle connections. This creates an unusual and appealing ‘L’ shape. They could also see the new stadium LED displays which are designed for sports events, and which can be customized with soft foam and quick locks.

In addition, energy efficiency was a key focus of Hikvision, evident in its showcased products and booth design at ISE 2024. With unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, Hikvision Commercial Display explores possibilities for a brighter future.

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