VIOFO New Arrival A229 Duo 2K+2K Front and Rear Dashcam

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since 2011, VIOFO has always been striving to enhance the image quality of dash cameras, covering all three channels, front+interior+rear. It is well known that the T130-3CH released last year greatly improves its night vision for interior recording enhanced by the newly adopted OV image sensor integrating ultra low light and near infrared technology. This year VIOFO has reached new heights in A229 Duo rear camera’s resolution. As the upgraded version of the A129 series, this newly released A229 Duo dashcam innovatively features up to Quad HD 2K high resolution rear cam, the highest so far in the market for rear recording to give enhanced driving safety protection from both front & behind. What else is built into this newly released dashcam? Check full details as below.

2K+2K Front & Rear QHD Recording

A229 Duo supports Quad HD 1440P30fps front + Quad HD 1440P30fps rear recording. Some drivers say that tailgaters tend to back off when they spot a rear-facing dashcam installed on the car in front of them, making the rear-end accidents less likely to happen. Now with a 2K high-res rear camera, it can easily capture license plate numbers in a rear ended accident, or provide evidence if another car is harassing behind on the road. Built-in F1.6 aperture lens and WDR technology are also of great assistance to shoot more detailed images both day and night.

2.4 Inch HD Screen

Different from the VIOFO conventional 2 inch screen, A229 Duo dash camera is built with a larger 2.4 inch HD display which delivers a more direct effortless live view and improved performance in heat dissipation and better durability. In addition to” REC”, “MIC”, “Wi-Fi”, two new LED indicators, “PWR” and “GPS”, have been added on the front panel to help drivers easily catch the status of the cam and the functions enabled.

Neat Installation with 2.8mm Slim Coaxial Cable

A229 Duo features a premium compact design utilizing 2.8mm super slim coaxial rear cable and miniature connectors for neat hidden installation, making it more user friendly for beginners. What’s more, this newly upgraded coaxial cable enables better electrocmagnetic interference reduction than traditional cable types.

USB-C Charging Cable & Power Ports

To accommodate more car models with different installations, the A229 Duo is equipped with a reversible USB-C charging cable and two USB-C power ports, one on the left side of the front cam and one on top of the GPS module. Compared to micro USB cables, USB-C cables can carry more power and reliably offer a more stable power supply.

Tips: The GPS module will function normally regardless of which power port is used for power supply.

Dual Band 5GHz & 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

A229 Duo dashcam supports dual-band Wi-Fi options of 5GHz & 2.4GHz. Wi-Fi connection makes it quite convenient to control and check on videos on smartphone end via VIOFO App, including setup menu, live view from front and behind, playback of recorded videos, and downloading/sharing of video files.

What is worth mentioning, A229 Duo is built with upgraded 5GHz Wi-Fi connection technology providing transfer speeds up to 8MB/s, 4 times faster than traditional 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Besides, it is compatible with more new phone models.

Intelligent Voice Notification

Configured with multiple language voice notification, A229 Duo car dash camera helps to confirm setting changes such as audio recording on/off and reminds drivers of events such as video protected and memory card errors. No worries about missing important videos as A229 Duo will alert timely if anything prevents recording.

Built-in GPS Mount

The GPS mount can track the route, speed and time data in the video file, allowing compatible viewers to display on playback. It will also keep the camera clock synchronized with GPS time so that the video files are correctly time stamped.

3 Advanced Parking Modes

The A229 Duo dashcam has three advanced parking modes, Auto Event Detection, Timelapse, and Low Bitrate Recording, which help drivers to capture full evidence during parking.

Auto Event Detection:
Automatically record for 45s when detecting moving objects or impacts during parking. Optimized with buffered function, its 45s-video recording starts 15 seconds before and ends 30 seconds after the defected event. Time Lapse Recording:
Record a video at low frames at 1/2/3/5/10 fps and compress into a long file. Low Bitrate Recording:
Record videos continuously at low bitrate 4MB/s with audio recorded.
Tips: To use parking modes of A229 Duo, the VIOFO HK4 hardwire kit cable is required, whose ACC function will automatically switch A229 Duo dashcam into parking mode or normal recording.

Optional Accessories

External Microphone
The external 3.5mm jack port microphone can be used with A229 Duo dashcam to record conversations clearly during police stops and traffic incidents. HK4 Hardwire Kit
When the engine is off, the HK4 hardwire kit will ensure continuous power for parking monitoring and provide low voltage protection for your car’s battery. What’s more, its ACC function can automatically switch between parking mode and normal recording without waiting. Circular Polarizing Lens
The CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens) can be used to reduce reflections and glare from the window glass and road surfaces. It works in the same way as polarized sunglasses and significantly improves image quality and contrast in many situations. Bluetooth Remote Control
The Bluetooth emergency remote control can be positioned in a convenient location allowing for safe and easy use while driving. Pressing the button will instantly lock the current video clip and image.

VIOFO Company History

Founded in 2011, VIOFO was started by two engineers aiming at providing the ultimate dash camera image quality for users worldwide.  Attributable to 10 years of perseverance and concentration, VIOFO dash cameras are now distributed in over 65 countries with millions of followers. For best customer experience, VIOFO provides direct 1-on-1 technical support and always stays ears open to feedback from both regular and professional users.   For all the latest product information and related discussions, we welcome everyone to visit our Facebook & Twitter pages: 

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