Vieworks to Showcase Industrial Cameras and Lenses at VISION 2022

ANYANG, South Korea, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vieworks, a leading manufacturer of industrial cameras, is exhibiting at VISION 2022 (Booth 10E30) from October 4th to 6th. Vieworks will be displaying industrial cameras, industrial lenses, machine vision accessories, and industrial X-ray flat panel detectors at their booth.

Vieworks at VISION 2022

With a resolution of 0.4 megapixel to 604 megapixels at up to 340 fps, Vieworks’ area scan cameras are suitable for a wide range of applications including flat panel inspection, semiconductor inspection, electronic component inspection, and factory automation. Equipped with hybrid TDI (Time Delayed Integration) sensors, Vieworks’ TDI line scan cameras—VT Series—are available in M42, M72, and M95 mounts from 3k to 23k resolution. Vieworks’ line scan cameras range from 2k to 16k resolution and demonstrate up to 200 kHz.

In addition to industrial cameras, Vieworks will be showcasing VEO Series, a line of lenses codeveloped with Schneider Kreuznach. Specifically designed to bring out the best of Vieworks’ TDI line scan cameras, VEO JM Series and VEO CS Series are compatible with 82 mm and 62.5 mm image circles. VEO YK Series and VEO HJ Series are optimized for image circle diameters of 43.2 mm and 60 mm to 90 mm, each accordingly.

Aside from the cameras and lenses, Vieworks also presents complementary accessories and X-ray flat panel detectors. Based on proven expertise in X-ray imaging, Vieworks proudly offers their X-ray flat panel detectors for industrial applications including semiconductor inspection and battery inspection.

Along with the display of product lineup, eight different demonstrations on Vieworks’ cameras in diverse applications will be taking place at the booth. Demonstrations include IC chip alignment task using a 5 megapixel CXP-12 camera, display panel inspection with ultra high resolution 152 megapixel camera, and solution-based auto focus tracking system with 23k TDI line scan camera and high magnification lens.

About Vieworks Co., Ltd.

With industry-leading technology, Vieworks provides machine vision solutions encompassing industrial cameras, lenses, and accessories. As your vision partner, Vieworks delivers the most valued and high-quality images and offers innovative vision and insight for all. For more information, please visit