Vieworks Showcases X-ray Imaging Excellence: RSNA 2023 Spotlight

ANYANG, South Korea, Nov. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vieworks, a renowned digital x-ray imaging solutions provider, is set to unveil pioneering advancements at RSNA 2023 in Chicago (Booth 1723, November 26th-29th). Building on the success of prior RSNA exhibitions, Vieworks will present its comprehensive range of DR flat panel detectors (FPDs) catering to general radiography, dynamic applications, and mammography. The focal point remains on the latest VIVIX-S F series, accompanied by the revolutionary VIVIX-S 1751S—a long-format detector tailored for imaging larger body parts and long bones.

VIVIX-S F series

The spotlight on the FDA-approved VIVIX-S F series persists, showcasing its glass-free TFT design, lightweight construction, and extended battery life, enhancing the imaging experience for practitioners. In response to industry demands for imaging larger body parts in fixed static DR applications, Vieworks expands its portfolio with the introduction of VIVIX-S 4747V, the largest single FPD, alongside the VIVIX-S 1751S, first showcased at ECR in March.

In harmony with its commitment to “Clearer Vision. Safer Imaging,” Vieworks introduces three groundbreaking software technologies at RSNA 2023. “Deep Denoising,” a deep learning-based technology, ensures imaging at the lowest radiation dose without compromising clarity or anatomical detail. “Bone Suppression,” seamlessly integrated into VXvue software, facilitates precise and safe diagnosis by delivering clear suppressed images without additional radiation exposure. The third innovation, an “AEC-embedded solution,” optimizes radiation levels for unparalleled image quality, highlighting a focus on safety and efficiency.

Seungki Hong, Vice President of Vieworks, conveyed his enthusiasm about the company’s participation in RSNA 2023. He emphasized Vieworks’ steadfast commitment to innovation, underlining how the VIVIX-S 1751S and the latest software technologies exemplify their dedication to advancing medical imaging. Additionally, he underscored Vieworks’ mission to establish new standards in imaging quality and safety, ensuring that practitioners have access to state-of-the-art solutions for precise diagnostics and patient care.

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