Viettel Powers India’s Industries with Cutting-edge Private 5G

BANGALORE, India, Dec. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation (Viettel High Tech) and QuadGen Wireless Solutions Pvt Ltd. (QuadGen) jointly host the handover ceremony of Private 5G, which was researched, manufactured and supplied by Viettel, to QuadGen. This noteworthy accomplishment took place a mere five months after signing a service provision contract in the Indian market.

Viettel Powers India’s Industries with Cutting-edge Private 5G.

Since July 2023, Viettel’s engineering team has been on-site in India, overseeing the installation, deployment, and trial operation of the 5G Private (5GP). The training and knowledge transfer process for QuadGen engineers lasted for over a month. At present, the 5GP is running smoothly and meeting all requirements. Viettel High Tech and QuadGen jointly launched the 5GP system, which incorporates comprehensive equipment products across all three network layers: radio access network (Macro, Micro, AIO base stations), 100G transmission network, and 5GC core network. Viettel’s system enables the provision of private network services, encompassing two primary offerings: eMBB data and VoNR service. These services serve as the fundamental connectivity infrastructure for various sectors including smart factories, smart cities, healthcare, education and security.

“QuadGen aims to seek strategic partners for the production and supply of 5G equipment in the Indian market, as the government consistently prioritizes the utilization of domestic products. Given the extensive deployment of 5G private network across various industries, we have a significant number of customers, including businesses and government agencies, who require 5GP network. After extensive research, we have identified Viettel as our preferred choice” stated Dr. C.S. Rao, Chairman & Co-Founder of QuadGen.

Mr. C.S. Rao commented: “Viettel’s significant advantage in the competition lies in its remarkable ability to easily customize solutions. As a result, within just five months of signing the contract, Viettel has provided us with a comprehensive solution that has truly convinced us to establish a long-term cooperation. Together, we aim to bring excellence and innovation to customers in India and neighboring countries”.

“The Indian market presents specific requirements for telecommunications equipment products” stated Mr. Nguyen Vu Ha, CEO of Viettel High Tech.”This challenge, however, is also a tremendous opportunity for us since our advantage lies in meeting the distinct needs of customers, leveraging our expertise in mastering the system. In addition to the 5GP, we will also provide guidance on deploying 5G public networks for telecommunications businesses in India“.

During the event, Ai20X (USA), QuadGen (India) and Viettel High Tech (Vietnam) also signed a Strategic Technology Collaboration, with the aim of fostering innovation and driving growth in the 5G field in India. The parties involved see this collaboration as a significant milestone, leveraging the expertise of these three leading companies to seize business opportunities in the realm of 5G networks and propel growth for all parties involved. QuadGen and Viettel High Tech are renowned technology enterprises in India and Vietnam, respectively, while Ai20X has established a global business ecosystem with unique product offerings.

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QuadGen Wireless is a company providing telecommunications network infrastructure technical services from optimal design, deployment, integration to overall operation with a customer base of leading network operators in the US (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Dish wireless), India (Airtel, Jio, BSNL), Middle East (Omantel). With a customer network and 15 years of experience deploying and operating systems from many Vendors, Quadgen Wireless is confident it will succeed when authorized to distribute Viettel High Tech equipment and services in markets where QuadGen is active. 

Viettel High Tech, the R&D arm of Viettel Group, focuses on the telecommunications, defense, and dual-use sectors. It covers the entire spectrum of activities, ranging from research and design to production and sales of advanced technology solutions. Viettel High Tech prides itself on being a cutting-edge, intellectually-driven technology company with a globally recognized brand.

Ai20X is an innovative company dedicated to building a global ecosystem that fosters the introduction of groundbreaking solutions. Collaborating with regional and local partners, Ai20X collaboratively defines go-to-market strategies, tailors customized solutions, and positions them at the forefront of specific markets. Headquartered in the United States and founded by Vietnamese entrepreneurs, Ai20X operates seamlessly across North America and the Asia-Pacific regions, effectively leveraging its presence in these key markets.

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