Vidnoz AI: Introducing a Free AI Video Platform to Cut Users’ Costs by 80% and Boost 10X Productivity

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vidnoz, an innovative AI platform, today announced a free AI video generator – Vidnoz AI, which helps people make videos easier and faster than ever before. Vidnoz AI leverages machine-learning algorithms and vision technology to automate the layout, design and editing of video creations. To benefit more people with its efficient AI video tools, Vidnoz provides daily free video generation access to all users. By using AI avatars, video templates and other AI-based tools, everyone on Vidnoz can create engaging videos effortlessly. 

Vdinoz Free AI Video Generator Brings Realistic AI Avatars into Video Generation to Cut Costs and Boost Productivity. No cost, no download, no experience required.

As the demand for high-quality video content surges, the trend of rapid video production continues. Nevertheless, complications in the video production process bring challenges in keeping up with the demands. Vidnoz AI offers a streamlined solution by enabling users to generate videos quickly and effortlessly on its AI-powered platform. Since its initial launch, Vidnoz AI has garnered a user base exceeding 300,000 individuals and teams who generate quality videos daily using well-designed video templates and customizable lifelike avatars. It is reported by its users that Vidnoz AI’s intuitive templates for various video types successfully lowered video production costs and time by 80%. 

“Vidnoz shows how AI makes professional video creation cost-effective and easy for everyone, regardless of their skill level. Users from 40+ industries are already using Vidnoz’s AI Talking Avatar, Text to Speech, Face Swapper and AI Avatar Generator to complete different tasks”, said Sam Brown, Product Manager of Vidnoz AI when introducing the latest release highlights.Talking about forthcoming strategy, Sam revealed the upcoming launch of some exciting AI tools, including AI Script Writer, AI Video Translator, Voice Cloning and Custom Avatars.

Vidnoz AI’s latest version empowers individuals, teams and organizations to create videos easily at scale through a diverse set of AI-powered tools and features:

Lifelike AI Avatars 

Vidnoz AI provides over 70+ lifelike avatars from different industries and roles. In addition to a library of AI and Animated Avatars to choose from, users can upload any photos to create their own talking avatars. Be it learning videos, how-to guides, and social media videos, there is always an existing or customizable avatar character to match.

Pre-Designed Video Templates

On Vidnoz AI, users choose from pre-designed video templates for different video types (eg. tutorials, product demos, sales pitches, socials)  to quickly create videos with their content. The preexisting subtitles, transitions, and effects can be automatically applied, which eliminates the need for manual editing, speeding up video creation at a much larger scale. 

Ultra-Fast Video Generation for free

As a free video generation platform, Vidnoz allows users to freely explore its features and download their content immediately after generation. Vidnoz AI’s exceptional advantage lies in its ultra-fast video generation, with waiting times measured in seconds.

100+ Realistic Voices 

Vidnoz provides 100+ natural-sounding AI voices in 100+ languages, each with unique accents and characteristics. Additionally, content creators can select from a diverse range of voice styles, sentiments, and emotions to perfectly match their video’s intended tone and style.

User-Friendly Interface Design

Vidnoz AI boasts a simple and user-friendly design with an intuitive interface that allows even those with no editing experience to create full videos effortlessly through drag-and-drop methods.

Vidnoz emphasizes engaging visuals, clear messaging, and concise storytelling that empowers its users to create videos that bring higher viewer retention, conversion rates, increased income, and better communications.

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About Vidnoz

Vidnoz is an online AI platform which aims to enable everyone to make engaging videos effortlessly. Founded in 2016, Vidnoz started with the mission and vision to revolutionize the traditional video creation model.  Between 2017 and 2023, Vidnoz introduced a series of innovations to the market, including AI Video Generator, AI Talking Avatar, Face Swapper and AI Avatar Generator. Vidnoz’s user-friendly platform offers a rich array of templates, customization options, and AI-driven tools, catering to diverse video creation needs spanning training, education, marketing, and entertainment industries.


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