Versuni launches new Philips Home Safety 5000 series featuring world-first sensing technology

The Philips Home Safety range includes a wireless sensing system comprising of digital sensors and contact sensor that leverage Wi-Fi and Thread technology to detect motion without requiring a device in each room. Thanks to Thread technology, the intelligent wireless sensing system does not require a hub. Only one device needs to be within Wi-Fi reach to create a mesh sensing network that is not hindered by blind spots and transcends walls for full coverage of your home Combining this technology with the NEW Philips Home Safety cameras improves accuracy of the overall system, enables 24/7 accessibility to the Philips Home Safety app, and allows you to respond with two way talk or siren in case of emergency.

AMSTERDAM, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Versuni, home to some of the world’s most renowned domestic appliance brands, announces the launch of the Philips Home Safety 5000 series – a range of home safety appliances dedicated to ensuring loved ones feel safe and at home, no matter where you are. The range includes an indoor 360° camera, a wireless spotlight camera, wireless video doorbell, and motion sensor plugs featuring world first combined Wi-Fi and thread sensing technology. The Series 5000 seamlessly blends engineering excellence with an aesthetic design available in light or dark grey to become an integral part of your home.

Indoor 360° Camera: 2K clarity, motion tracking, and a privacy shutter for complete peace of mind.


Wireless Spotlight Camera: Easy setup, weatherproof design for outdoor use, and a powerful motion-activated spotlight for ultimate security day and night.


Wireless Video Doorbell: 2K clarity, wide-angle view, and easy setup with battery or existing doorbell wiring.


Wireless Sensing System: Discreet design, effortless setup, and smart plugs doubling as door sensors.


Complete Home Security Suite: 360° coverage, spotlight protection, seamless door monitoring, and a sensing system.

Wireless Sensing without any blind spots

The Philips Home Safety 5000 series is the world-first home safety range featuring non-line-of sight-motion sensors that detect presence without being hindered by blind spots or interference from walls or other objects thanks to the combined Wi-Fi and thread sensing technology. Thread is a wireless standard that enables smart home devices to work together through a mesh network without requiring a third-party hub or service. 

These cutting-edge motion sensors – developed by Versuni in partnership with Artificial Intelligence of Things (‘AIoT’) company nami – can reliably detect motions in homes in real-time without needing a camera in every room. The intelligent sensing technology, powered by machine learning algorithms, can filter out vacuum bots and pets, in addition to detecting human presence. Unlike traditional PIR motion sensors, they are immune to high temperature impact or sunlight rays.

Instant Setup, Reliable and 24-hour access

The Philips Home Safety camera, doorbells and sensors are hub-free, making them easy and quick to install. The digital motion sensing software is embedded in a smart plug for minimum intrusion and visibility, a pack of three sensors and a door sensor that can create a zone of up to 1.500 sq ft, which can be extended by adding more sensors or additional zones.

The dedicated Philips Home Safety app provides users 24/7 control and insights into their home security from anywhere. Thanks to dual storage capabilities, the cameras and doorbell record locally to an SD card, and can also back up the content to the cloud. Should the Wi-Fi drop, the smart home devices will continue to record locally. End-to-end encryption of equal standard as those trusted by banks guarantees the safe preserving of recordings.

Available from March 2024

Philips Home Safety Series 5000 is expected to launch in March 2024 in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and India, with additional countries to follow throughout 2024. This new home safety range follows the successful launch of Philips Home Safety Series 3000 in India last year.

Key benefits of Philips Home Safety 5000 Series:

24/7 Control with the Philips Home Safety app: Check in on your home safety quickly and conveniently wherever you are and whenever you want. Get event notifications and respond by triggering the built-in siren or two-way talk. No mandatory subscriptions required. Dual storage means nothing is ever missed: The Series 5000 cameras and doorbell record locally to an SD card, as well as having the option to back up to cloud. If the Wi-Fi drops, the devices continue to record locally. If anyone takes the camera with the tamper alarm, your phone will be alerted and the sirens triggered if it senses anything untoward. Guaranteed privacy: Your security and privacy are guaranteed thanks to end-to-end encryption that is trusted by banks, and biometric recognition to prevent unauthorised access to your app. Plus, in rooms where cameras are not present, you still have awareness with privacy maintained through sensing technology. Unique hub-less ecosystem/ easy set-up solution: Enjoy an intuitive, hub-less set-up in under two minutes, making security effortless and immediate. Comprehensive AI-powered Ecosystem: Embrace a range of devices that can grow with your family—all powered by AI to distinguish between pets, people and more, for accuracy and relevance. Wireless motion sensing technology: Elevate your home safety for whole home coverage with non-intrusive, yet no blind spot, motion detection. Philips Trusted Quality and Design: The Series 5000 seamlessly blends engineering excellence with aesthetic design, becoming an integral part of your home.

Philips Home Safety 5000 Series Portfolio:

The series provide you the most intuitive and versatile appliances to cover all your needs:

– Indoor 360° Camera: See the full 360° day and night, with 2K clarity and enhanced night vision. Pan and tilt, plus motion tracking. Control what you don’t see with a physical privacy shutter for added peace of mind.

– Wireless Spotlight Camera: Effortless set up, instant peace of mind. With no wiring, place it anywhere indoors or outdoors thanks to the rechargeable battery & fully weatherproof design. Pair with a solar panel and you never have to charge it. A powerful motion activated spotlight makes the night bright.

– Wireless Video Doorbell: Set up in minutes using the built-in battery or existing doorbell wiring for continuous power. See more of what’s at your door day and night with 2K clarity, enhanced night vision and wide angle 160° view.

– Wireless Sensing System: A discreet design that provides 100% confidence with zero blind spots. Easy to set up thanks to the smart set-up wizard to position the three Wireless Sensing Plugs in the most optimal places around your home to create a sensing zone. The door sensor monitors key entry points. No hub is required. Sensing plugs double as smart plugs.

About Versuni:

Versuni’s purpose is turning houses into homes. The company believes that home is more than a house. With more than 900 patents on its name, Versuni’s portfolio spans coffee and kitchen appliances, garment care, climate care, and floor care. Products under the Philips brand include the Philips Airfryer, Espresso Machine with LatteGo, PerfectCare Steam Generator, Air and AquaTrio Cordless Vacuum. Other brands Versuni markets are: Saeco, Gaggia, Preethi, Philips Walita, Senseo and L’OR Barista. Versuni is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has innovation, manufacturing, and commercial centers across the globe, with a footprint in over 100 countries. Its successful product ranges reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability best practices. Versuni was formerly known as Philips Domestic Appliances.

About nami  

nami builds software-based sensing infrastructure for responsive homes and intelligent buildings, solving problems for players in security, safety, PropTech automation, energy optimization, ageTech and wellness. nami runs a cross-sensing platform, combining a mesh network of RF+AI human activity sensing enablers, and clusters of environment sensors. 

It is nami’s mission to provide non line of sight AND line of sight sensing, with rapid setup, accurate data capture and robust topologies.