Vayyar Selects proteanTecs to Advance Vehicle Safety with Predictive Analytics

proteanTecs’ deep data enhances Vayyar 4D imaging radar-on-chip with continuous reliability and performance monitoring

HAIFA, Israel, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — proteanTecs, a global leader of deep data for electronics health and performance monitoring, announced today that Vayyar Imaging will use the company’s full lifecycle analytics in their automotive-grade 4D imaging radar-on-chip. By selecting proteanTecs, Vayyar is empowering their multifunctional chip with an in-demand benefit for automotive OEMs—in-use reliability and performance monitoring.

Vayyar adds proteanTecs’ predictive analytics to automotive 4D imaging radar-on-chip platform

Using proprietary chip telemetry data and machine learning, proteanTecs provides advanced analytics to ensure end-to-end SoC and ECU visibility. The company’s cloud and edge solutions introduce a common data language throughout the automotive ecosystem, enabling predictive and prescriptive maintenance and further advancing vehicle safety.

“Predictive in-chip monitoring is critical to supporting the highest standards of automotive safety,” said Ian Podkamien, Vice President, Head of Automotive at Vayyar Imaging. “proteanTecs enhances our technology with unprecedented visibility, empowering our team to benefit throughout the production process and to deliver in-field monitoring to our customers.”

“We welcome Vayyar to our growing customer list,” said Keith Morton, CRO at proteanTecs. “The company is well on its way to transforming the automotive industry with high-resolution in-cabin monitoring, ADAS and ARAS. By adding proteanTecs, Vayyar is giving their imaging radar platform the ability to report on its own health and to support unwavering reliability at scale.”

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About proteanTecs

proteanTecs is a leading provider of deep data monitoring solutions for advanced electronics in the Datacenter, Automotive, Communications and Mobile markets. Based on Universal Chip Telemetry™ (UCT), the company provides system health and performance monitoring, from production to the field. By applying machine learning to novel data created by on-chip UCT agents, the company’s analytics platform delivers predictive insights and visibility, leading to new levels of quality, reliability and scale. Founded in 2017, the company is headquartered in Israel with offices in New Jersey, California, India and Taiwan. For more information, visit:

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