VanceAI Rolls Out a New AIGC Function That Turns Photos Into Cartoons

HONG KONG, July 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — launches a new AIGC cartoon function that can smartly transform images into cartoon ones in light of Stable Diffusion. Except for that, VanceAI has an old cartoon function which can output different cartoon styles as well. Considering users’ needs, VanceAI releases the New AIGC Function in which three female styles and three male styles are included, while reserving the Old Function cartoonizing Avatar, Character and Manga.

New Cartoon Function and Old Cartoon Function From VanceAI

There exist two AIGC cartoon functions in VansPortrait workspace – New Cartoon Function and Old Cartoon Function. For the newly-launched cartoon function, it tends to output lifelike cartoon images. The function is mainly divided into Female and Male with each having 3 styles. Such styles intend to output satisfactory and lifelike cartoons. The AI cartoon conversion is essential to areas particularly like content creation, animation, and graphic design. As for a content creator for an animated series who wants to use real-life settings and individuals in their cartoon, Toongineer Cartoonizer from VanceAI seems to be an efficient and cost-effective method without needing to draw everything manually. After all, hiring artists to manually convert photos into cartoons can be costly and time-consuming. On the contrary, AI can process photos faster than a human artist could, allowing for the quick conversion of a large number of images. This can significantly speed up the process of content creation.

For the old AIGC cartoon function, it has three types: Avatar, Character and Manga. In advertising and marketing industries, as creating targeted ads sometimes demands diverse cartoon avatars to resonate with various audience segments, the AI Cartoon Avatar Maker can efficiently provide such diversity. Similarly, Character function aims to convert images to full-length cartoons. And Manga function focuses on converting photos to cartoonish manga photos. Despite the two different functions, they can be applied to the social media industry. On a social media platform, users can take advantage of Character and Manga functions to create full-length cartoon profile pictures in 5 seconds.

One-Click AIGC Cartoon Conversion

A one-click AI cartoon conversion means that people can use AI to convert photo to cartoon with one single click, which VanceAI now realizes. It comes true on both the old function and the new function. There are two ways – Toongineer Cartoonizer or VansPortrait – to be accessible to the AI cartoon conversion workspace. Here VanceAI offers users two options, that is, Back to the Old Version and Try the New Version, to output different cartoon styles. Users need to upload an image, choose a cartoon style and click Start to Process first, and then images will be converted to cartoons within 5 seconds with one credit deducted.

About VanceAI

The content above is more related to how VanceAI outputs cartoons from images. Actually, it has more AIGC tools, such as AI Art Generator that can generate artworks from text. Inspired by famous art movements, this AI Image Generator opens a gateway to countless artistic explorations. AI Face Generator generates faces based on uploaded images. VTuber Maker generates VTubers and AI Portrait Generator does portraits from text descriptions or reference photos. Online AI Face Enhancer is a tool to smooth skin, unwanted acne or wrinkles if generated portrait images are troubled by such flaws. AI Image Upscaler is a tool that allows users to increase the size of an AIGC image without compromising the quality. It can enlarge images while maintaining crystal-clear sharpness and detail, signifying a significant leap towards an unparalleled visual experience. It is also worth noting that anyone can use the image upscaler to upscale artworks generated by AI Image Generator. AI Image Upscaler not only can upscale VanceAI-generated artworks, but can enlarge images generated from the mainstream tool – Midjourney AI – by up to 2x, 4x, 8x or 40x.

If users don’t want to change the size of an image, AI Image Enhancer is a top choice that only enhances image quality. Background Remover intelligently removes background from images, no matter how intricate the detail is. AI Photo Editor furnishes users with an entire toolkit to edit and modify their photos to their taste. With its range of AI-powered professional tools, the boundaries of creativity will be stretched further.

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